Things to do on Oahu : Experience the “Green Flash”

Things to do on Oahu : Experience the “Green Flash”

"green flash"

Experience a magical green flash

One of the things to do on Oahu is to experience the “green flash” .The mystical, great, “green flash” is truly an amazing sight to be seen. No matter how many times you lay eyes on this unicorn type phenomenon you can never get enough. The visual sensory sensation is only a mere 3-4 seconds long, but it’s definitely mother nature delivered quality entertainment. As diligent as you may be to see the event, some times and often times you’ll miss out completely because a cloud will be just where you don’t need it to be. Mother nature always has her own agenda and generally it doesn’t correspond with yours. So with that being said, keep vigilant and watching, without any expectations. At worst, you should still see a pretty awesome sunset, which should help close your day with a smile.


A major problem for people who have never seen a “green flash” is not knowing what to look for. Flashes are not always green; they are not a “flash” in the sense of a sudden burst of brightness (except at sunrise). They do not (usually) light up the sky, but are often small and inconspicuous. The famous but seldom seen “green flash”  or “emerald flash” which occurs just before the last part of the sun disappears from view dropping behind the ocean at sunset is caused by the same atmospheric refraction and scattering effects which produce the red sunset.

"things to do on Oahu"

Getting ready to see an amazing green flash

As one of the things to do on Oahu: Experience the “green flash.” Here are some steps to viewing and capturing a great green flash;

1.Understand the phenomenon of the green flash.

2.Choose your location.

3.Choose the right time

4.Locate the place where the sun will set or rise

5.Wait until the last part of the sun appears to be touching the horizon.

6. Watch for a flash, flicker, or brief glow of bright green light.

7. Relish it; it really is there only for a blink of an eye.

8. It may take a few tries but keep looking until it becomes easier to find the green flash.

CAUTION: Never stare at the sun directly. Staring into the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Look using little side glances  until the sun actually begins it descent below the horizon line.

"Sunset green flash"

the sun is setting in the palm of my hand

Remember, green isn’t the only color of a green flash; it is also possible to see blue, yellow, or violet, with green being the most commonplace color sighted. Also Polarizing sunglasses may help to increase your chances of seeing the green flash and protecting your eyes.

resources see the green flash and the red sunset and the ” green flash”

Just a friendly reminder one of the things to do on Oahu :Experience the green flash…  and if you plan to make a day trip out to the north shore, don’t forget that you can get surf lessons or stand up paddle lessons … or, if surfing doesn’t interest you ladies, become a mermaid for a photo shoot, with Oahu Surfing Experience. Keep in mind; we know some great small wave spots that are away from the big waves, so you can remain calm and cool and feeling. safe. (808) 

"Sunrise in hawaii"

things to do on Oahu watch the sunset

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