Surf hair

Surf hair

Hello ladies and gentleman. Listen up! This may be some very, very, hairy, useful information. This is especially directed towards all those that are addicted to the ocean, addicted to surfing and who carry a thick, free-flowing main of hair that protrudes out of their bulbous, sphere like cranium. Yes! This includes you to, hipsters.

"Surf Hair"

surfing in hawaii gotta look after that hair

Surf hair ? I have lived with the biggest mop of hair, and surfing waves of all kinds, shapes and sizes for quite some time now. It’s crazy how long I have been dealing with my hair and the damages the ocean salt and the corrosion that the relentless sun can bring on. I’ve also been dealing with the extra funk that hot and cold extremes that dramatic environment change can play on my often times due gone wrong a.k.a Surf Hair. My travels in quest for surf have brought me from the most humid and hottest of jungles in Indonesia, to the most damp and freezing cold conditions, surfing a tidal wave down a dirty and did I mention, freezing cold river in the middle of England. Within all my surfing adventures, I wouldn’t be doing any justice to this blog titled Surf Hair unless I listed the the most harshest hair shocker of them all. My annual 2 month stint in the western coastal outback of Australia. Dry, dry ,dry… Arid wasteland with no water or even moisture for that matter. This place just sucks every last drop of water out of your skin and hair. This information wouldn’t be complete with out introducing the fact that you don’t take a proper fresh water shower for weeks on end. Talk about hair horror!

When it comes to hair, through the years I have researched and tried all kinds off stuff. Would you like some tricks and tips on what works best when I surf or just go in the ocean. Which I do basically at least 2x a day.

"Oahu Surfing Lessons"

If you’re still reading you must be a little curious… so here are some hair tips to keep your locks strong, healthy and shiny.

Think about it ladies. We spend $$$ on our makeup and clothes, but hair…we have to wear our hair every day! So you better look after it.


Get your hair a little wet and BRUSH some conditioner through it. Why?

Because your hair will absorb the regular water first and it will prevent it from absorbing the salt.

Have two types of conditioners.

One of the 2 should be a thick mask (cheapo) type of conditioner. Before you go out into the Ocean brush some conditioner through your hair. Make sure you wash your hands so your hands aren’t slippery when you finally start surfing and try and do a pop-up on your board. Then you want to use a really good name brand conditioner or mask when you are showering after your session.

Have a few good conditioners alternating so your hair doesn’t get so

"Tamayo Perry at Pipeline"

Pipeline and Tamayo perry

used to the one product, that it loses it’s effectiveness.

Brush your hair in the shower but make sure you have your really good conditioner and work it through leave it in for the recommended time (this is one important step that people never take time to do).

Make sure when after showering, when your hair is still wet, put some oils in in your hair. Argan oil or Moroccan oils are my fav.

Brush your hair before surfing and make sure you do a braid that is secured tight. The braid saves you when you are coming up from a wipeout so you don’t choke on your hair. Also, so you can see when you take off. The braid however might cause a problem for the hipsters who need to create some groovy maneuvers via head flicking. lol

"north shore"

surfing and your hair look after it

I  actually think shampooing is over rated. I barely even use shampoo and if I did I use the tiniest amount… one teaspoon. I prefer to shampoo with conditioner, then rinse it out. Especially if your hair is curly and dry and if this describes you, do sulfate free, it’s the way to go.

Do a protein treatment once a week. Make sure you leave it in for 15-20mins, adding a little heat with your blow dryer. Cover your head with clear wrap. You’ll look great. Not for the 20 mins, but after your hair will thank you and be strong. This is because protein strengthens the hair, and this is directed especially at you blondies. You will be needing this.

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