Five things we give thanks for

Here at Oahu Surfing Experience , Thanks Giving represents that time of the year where friends and family gather around a deliciously seasoned, big bird, get fat and lazy and enjoy the start of the holiday season with each other. Family and friends are so very important, but even when you begin to understand the basic concept of the precious gift of life… Then and only then, will you realize how much there really is to be thankful for. Just to throw it out there into the universe, we have come up with a list of thankfulness,

Below is a small list to our revelation of appreciation :

The Five things we give thanks for .

Number five on our list of Five things we give thanks for

“FREE turkey at foodland. ?”

What ? ??? Yep!!! Maybe it’s to make up for how expensive the over-all store is all year round but always around the start of holiday season, Foodland gives away turkeys and ham so everyone can enjoy the festivities with some traditional cheer.

Being that the turkey contains a natural substance called tryptophan in it which supposedly leaves you feeling sleepy and lethargic, we highly recommend trying to sneak a morning surf sesh in before you stuff the bird in ya. Besides, nothing like a good, highly energized surf to get your appetite up to gluttonous levels.

Number four on our count down is… “people who protect our ocean and enviornment.”

We love anyone who is for protecting mother nature. We only have one Ocean and we all must look after it before it’s too late. Do your bit to help… something as simple as picking up a couple of pieces of trash after your ocean session. Thanks to people like Surfrider Foundation, sustainable coastlines and Green Peace, etc. …

Number three on the countdown of Five things we give thanks for is, “ Surfing!”

You can share the stoke! Working with autistic kids this year made me really love and appreciate surfing all over again. Especially because of how much joy it can bring to someones entire soul.

Number two on the countdown is “Pipeline!”

It’s the most famous wave in the world and we know why. We have an intimate relationship with this beautiful beast. She give us pleasure, pain, anxiety, life and like children addicted to sugar, we keep on going back for more.

Number one on our list of Five things we give thanks for is ……. “Jesus!”

Jesus is and always will be Number 1 on the list of giving thanks, because he makes the world go round. What can I say, He granted me the gift of surfing in my life and YES, He was the first to walk on water. The best thing hands down about Jesus though, is that He died for our sins so that we can live.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may you have a wonderfully blessed day spending quality time with your loved ones! Until our next blog… Peace Out!

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