About Us

Learn to surf on the beautiful North Shore of O’ahu with two of the most qualified surfing instructors in the world, Tamayo and Emilia Perry.
The Ocean Aspect of Mother Nature is very unpredictable and it is important to have expert instructors to guide you.

Why choose us?

“There is no substitute for quality!”

Sure you can learn to surf in front of your Waikiki hotel with 200 others in the water. But why do that when you can learn to surf on the grandest stage the surfing world has to offer. The North Shore offers a less crowded and more serene environment. We want you to learn how to surf safely and we will provide you with all the individual guidance and coaching you will need.

HAVE NO FEAR! Even when the North Shore is boasting high surf advisories, we at OSE have a few small wave go-to spots that are quite perfect for the beginner. We monitor weather forecasts and wave charts daily to determine where will be the most optimal location for your experience.

We are a husband and wife, owned and operated team that is dedicated to providing you with a safe, educational and purely enjoyable experience that most big surf schools will not be able to offer. Being from the Hawaiian Islands and being former professional athletes makes us well-known and well-liked here on O’ahu and especially in the North Shore community. With that being said, by carefully maintaining a mutual respect between OSE and the surfing community, your surfing experience should have you feeling more like a friend and guest rather then just being someone else’s next client.

Oahu Surfing Experience is committed to providing fun, professional and safe surfing lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. A private one-to-one experience ensures that we are able to focus completely on developing your surfing skills. We offer limited availability so that we may provide you with the most quality surfing experience on the island.

Learning to surf is one of the greatest things in life you can do. Some even refer to their first surf session as a life-changing event. When booking with OSE, you can look forward to having the ultimate surfing experience with two of the most professional and fun surfing instructors the sport has to offer. Oh yeah, did I mention, you’ll be surfing locations that have some of the finest backdrop sceneries that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.



Oahu Surfing Experience

PO Box 174 
Kahuku, HI 96731

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