Fishing at Waimea

Fishing at Waimea. Fishing Tails: A Short story series by me. Here is a new blog called fishing tales that I will be throwing out here on the OSE blog page to keep you entertained. Are they real? yes and no some of it will be stretched and some of it will not be. Im going to be writing stories that actually happened (names will be changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike).

so here we go….
It all started when I reached Waimea Bay and people were Fishing at Waimea. I was a beautiful early morning (6:30am) the air was beautiful and the only people around were the quiet fisherman and their families kids and all. The wind was still and not a drop of water was out of place. Waimea to me is like a 2 headed person. I fear it it the winter with all its wrath and power and in the summer you are magically drawn to her beauty.

The fisherman are Fishing at Waimea in one small particular spot. They are all clustered together and it looks like there is about 40 people all gathered togther in their one little zone. The majority of everyone was local people enjoying their weekend after working a hard week laughing and enjoying the tranquility. What are they fishing for you might ask? The “opelu run,” is what it is called , it has been an island tradition for decades. Older generations bring (drag) the younger ones to the glassy Waimea waters with the hopes that they’ll one day carry on the family tradition. Before the crack of dawn, you’ll see fishermen standing shin-deep in the shallow placid waters. The smaller opelu swim just offshore .Source

As I mentioned these fishermen and women are taking up one small spot in the entire massive bay. Generally it is really easy to go around these fisherman, the bay is so big that you’d think that thousands of people enjoy it every day coexist and there is never any problem. (General etiquette would be to come in and go around or swim a litter further out past their poles).Well behold there were two oblivious female snorkelers lets name them snorkeldork1 and snorkeldork2. They decided that they wanted to go right through the the fishing lines. so finally someone says something (how could you not).

Snorkeldork1 says “whatever” she does not care to say and snorkeldork2 decides to leave the beach immediently. Sonrkeldork1 proceeded to get really verbally aggressive with basically some of the biggest people I have scene. Everyone is pretty calm at this point. After about 10 mins of her pleading her case why she must snorkel right there in that ocean in one very small spot she walks away. The beauty and balance is restored. But thereafter about 3 mins of walking away snorkeldork1 proceeds to storm back.

As she approaches all these very large local people she walks right into the middle of where they are posted up and proceeds to give her opinion some more. At this point everyone is ignoring snorkrldork1. I feel bad for the kids having to see such a sight. then as she is in the thick of it she takes her top off. Yep snorkrldork1 had let the twins free whilst yelling to stop “harassing me”. At this point she was putting on a show that everyone wanted to end. After about ten more minuets of being ignored she FINALLY walked away yelling at everyone to leave her alone.(which they had gladly done prior to her coming back)

Once snorkel dork had left the balance and tranquility was restored and this all took place at 6:30 am. I guess the moral of the story is “cant we all get along” Fishing at Waimea

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