why we love Da Bus in Hawaii

There are so many reasons why we love Da Bus in Hawaii . Here onward, we jotted down just a few of those reasons why we love Da Bus in Hawaii . In less then an 8 hour day, you can see just about the whole Island of O`ahu, checking out world famous land marks along the way. When you ride on Da Bus, you can safely rubber neck and take in all the lush, native scenery that you just can’t afford to do when you’re driving yourself around. When you have a professional bus driver who knows the island beat, driving you around the island, it just tends to keep everyone on the streets a lot safer.
Other reasons why we love Da Bus in Hawaii :

  • They run every 15 to 30 minuets. (Depending on what time of the day it is and what location on the island you’re at.)
  • 75.5 million boardings annually on its fleet.
  • They have 518 buses in operation.
  • Fares are $1.25 youth and an adult is $2.50 (Every time you get off the bus and then get back on another bus, requires you pay another fee. Unless you are going in the same direction and the particular bus you are on only goes a portion of the way. Then you can ask for a transfer and board the connecting bus with that transfer for no additional costs.).
  • The voice on the bus is provided by songwriter and Hawaiian language scholar Puakea Nogelmeier.
  • Personally, I think it’s generally really cold on Da Bus. So bring a jacket or something warm. This is when an extra sarong, lava lava or a pareo kept dry in your day bag will come in handy.
    “hawaii fun”
    iconic land marks
  • There is now a Da Bus app that is easy to use and extremely informative.
  • One of the last reasons we will leave you with on why we recommend Da Bus and why we love Da Bus in Hawaii , is that several of the buses that were becoming obsolete, just recently got a make over. Yes…. that’s what we said, a make over.

With the help of a lot of volunteers and creative thinking, retired city buses have a brand new purpose. Someone said, “I have a dream. I need some architects. There’s some buses. Do you think they can be turned into shelters? And that’s how it started,” said Ma Ry Kim from Group 70 International. There you have it, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and extremely viable. How can anyone go wrong?
Note: The only bad note, is that if you miss a bus, you can actually wait over a long and irritating hour for the next one. Especially if the next bus is late.

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