Wet n Wild mermaid party

Wet n Wild mermaid party

If you’ve been stumped with a brain fart on what to do or get your child for this years birthday celebration, then look no further… because the word on the street is, a booked Wet n Wild mermaid party is an absolute happening. 

"Mermaid Party"

Mermaid party

The Wet and Wild water park in Kapolei is the perfect place and setting to reserve your exclusive and one of a kind Wet n Wild mermaid party. This is the only authentic water park in the Hawaiian Islands that offers an exclusive and real life mermaid that can be hired out to entertain your kids. The water park can facilitate and cater to a large gathering of family and friends and the abundance of parking stalls is just down right convenient.


Geez!!! Even if it’s not your little ones birthday, a Wet n Wild mermaid party can be useful to book for anniversaries, family reunions, graduations, or just about any other special occasion that requires entertaining and captivating the attention spans of large groups of children! Celebrations are meant to be FUN and enjoyable, and with Wet n Wild mermaid party packages, you can relax and enjoy your day at the water park as everything is taken care of for you! FYI! The water park has their liquor license and does sell alcohol to adults… What more could you ask for 🙂


"Wet n Wild mermaid party"

Wet n Wild mermaid party

Wet n Wild mermaid party packages must be booked and paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.  Additional fees may apply to parties booking less than the required minimum lead time.  Please inquire with the Birthday Sales Representative.

Wet’n’Wild Hawaii is a Hawaiian water park, located in Kapolei on Oahu. The park occupies 25 acres of land and has 25 rides and attractions. It is currently the only water park in the state of Hawaii.

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"mermaid party"

swim with a mermaid

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"Wet n Wild mermaid party"

mermaid fun at Wet n Wild mermaid partys

"mermaid party"

swim with the mermaids

"real mermaid party"

Wet n Wild mermaid party real life mermaid

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