Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry

Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry

Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry. It all started in Hawaii, each piece is handmade, using a variety of materials which include shells found on the beaches and in the oceans of the North shore.

"Things to do in Hawaii"

Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry

Other precious gemstones and pearls are imported from around the world. This includes Italian lava, freshwater pearls from California as well as ocean born pearls from Tahiti. Each style is custom designed to withstand weathering for those that are blessed to live near the shore, utilizing the finest of sterling silver and 14K gold-filled metals.

Melinda’s popular mini shark choker donates 10% of all proceeds to  Shark Allies , a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks and rays and the ocean realm they live in.

Aside from a designer, Melinda is a wellness advocate at doTERRA essential oils. Mixing her love for jewelry, the ocean and essential oils, she introduces the lava rock to her collection. Lava rock is known for promoting grounding qualities as well as calming the emotions. Each piece is made to assure it touches your skin. Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on the rocks and it will absorb and last for 1-2 days. Remember …one of the best Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry.

"Things to do in Hawaii"

mermaid hawaii jewelry that last forever

"mermaid photoshoot"

Hawaiis best beach jewelry

Wear Milove and share our love for the ocean and enjoy this beautiful mermaid jewelry.

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"gold hawaii jewlery"

beautiful hand made jewelry that lasts when I surf. I have tested many pices surfing Pipeline

We at OahuSurfingExperience teach the most quality surfing lessons that surfing has to offer. If your a lady or a little girl and surfing doesn’t necessarily captivate you; we also offer a unique and exclusive mermaid model shoot that will absolutely intrigue the ladies and as well, give them memories that will last a life time. Keep in mind however, we absolutely are surfers at heart. So if we are not running a surf lesson or conducting a mermaid photo shoot,we more then likely will be out in the surf, tapping in to some valuable, “me time”. Because of this very reason, we strongly suggest that you book in advance with us, but it will be absolutely worth your commitment. Book now for your one of a kind opportunity and you will guaranteed walk away with skills and ocean safety knowledge that will last you a life time. Even when the waves are big we know of safe places to go.
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"north shore jewelry"

unique pearl necklace hand made jewelry

"shark necklace"

milove’s signature shark necklace

"jewelry north shore"

original and one of a kind

"hand made jewelry"

hand crafted jewelry

"Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry"

Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry

"Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry"

milove jewelry

"Things to do in Hawaii buy beach jewelry"

Things to do in Hawaii buy mermaid jewelry

"mermaid photoshoot"

mermaids enjoying Haleiwa, what fun

"Oahu Mermaid Experience"

Milove X Oahu surfing Experience

"hawaii fun"

milove x oahu surfing experience

"surfing lessons northshore"

best surf lessons and jewelry



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