Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

The Hawai`i New Year has just officially kicked off with a bang. Especially considering that the very start of the winter season was absolutely horrible for good quality surfing waves. The rush into the New Year to say the very least, has been very consistent and definitely has had an abundance of very large, quality waves bless our shores. Tamayo has been healthy and fit and feeling compelled to tackle these huge waves, surfing up to 3 times a day. He has all top equipment under his feet from three of the worlds most dominating Big Wave shapers (Proctor, Bushman, Tokoro and built to last glass jobs by Third Stone and the best and most futuristic fins called Futures Fins) and is ready to rock and roll.

The Inertia, which is a website that is dedicated to the type of Surf news, surf art, and surf photography that spawns, or rather develops from the vast sub-culture that can be only known as the global surfing community. It features the most prominent and talented figures that grace this iconic lifestyle known as surfing. A field reporter/photographer from The Inertia captured this crazy image of Tamayo charging into the New Year.

I guess one of Tamayo Perry’s New Year’s resolution is to surf more and he sure proved that this past week, surfing like a man with an obsession.

Bottom turning at Pipeline

When I asked him about the wave that is being featured ( Tamayo Perry and The Inertia ), this is what he had to say about the conditions that day:

“The waves were so bad that day. But I knew, as always, there was a needle in a hay stack to be found… at least if I was diligent enough to keep hunting. I just finished talking with Randal Paulson and I told him I was going to go in if a found a 10 point ride. He laughed at me and asked,

‘Do you really think there’s a 10 out here to be had?’.

So then I laughed back and said, ‘You’re right… I will settle for a 7 and I’m out!’.

Right then, this crazy double up presents itself and after the intense completion of ride and the doggy door exit, I figured my ride was at least about a 7.5; so I straightened out and headed on towards the beach to go celebrate.”

Pipeline wipeout what nightmares are made of.

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia


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