strap your surfboard or else


"sunset SUP"

Sunset surfing

Traffic on the route back wasn’t as forgiving and being the ogre I am, this is when the explicit language came out. I was screaming bloody murder at my girl, instructing her to keep a keen eye on her side of the road, looking for any possible sightings of precious pieces of my rip stick. My mind lashes me with the redundancy, “If you would just strap your surfboard dummy ! “. If the surfboard had some how miraculously fallen off the roof nearer to wear the golf course was located, I knew without hesitation that every second I took to get back to point of origin, the odds of my board dramatically ending up back in my embracing arms decreased in my favor almost exponentially. As Murphy always has it, my urgency summoned a highway caravan full of snail pacers. I remember being a bit edgy on the gas peddle and passing every single vehicle on the road way every moment a clear opportunity deemed plausible. The one way distance from Ted’s Bakery where we flipped the bitch, to our original area of surfboard abandonment, is just under seven miles. As I reached the home stretch, or rather the highway straight away known as the prawn farm, I was recklessly weaving in and out of traffic, passing large gaps of multiple automobiles at a time, and reaching speeds of up to 63 mph. We got there in probably a record 8 minutes.

"Hawaii tourist view"

car ride in Hawaii

As we arrived exactly at our original parking spot with barely a soul around, my heart sank deep in my chest. You see, during our foolish and batty drive from Point A to Point B, neither Emilia nor I had seen any sort of visual, sign, trace or remnant of where my board may have vanished. I exited my car with complete disgust and utter heart break, still searching the parking area looking for any sort of miracle… As I’m scanning the zone both high and low, something out of the corner of my peripheral catches my attention. A miracle is just exactly what has transpired. I now staring dumbfounded at the surf racks on the roof of my car. In complete and utter astonishment, I stand in disbelief. Once again, it plays out in my mind; develop the habit and strap your surfboard or else the consequences could be absolutely disastrous!

(to be continued)…
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strap your surfboard or else


"sunset surfing lessons"

Hawaii surfing fun at sunset time

strap your surfboard or else









"strap your surfboard or else"

strap your surfboard or else

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