Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is fast approaching. I am assuming you love your mama; right? So, if this is the case?… At the very least this Mothers Day, don’t forget to tell your mader ya love er.

"Mothers day"

Celebrate mothers day in hawaii

If you can, do something  special for her. However… you must keep in mind, that with most mommies, the smallest sentiments mean the most. That means that even if your broke, you can still take a couple of hours out of your busy life to go and visit mama on this blessed day. I mean, she did bring you into this world, and I’m assuming if you tick her off, she can easily take you out of this world. If there are oceans that separate or perhaps even a great land divide between you and mom, that makes visiting a bit more costly or difficult… then get your cheap, lazy but off the couch. Go buy a $5 dollar phone card and lavish momzy on what I might imagine to be, the long, meaningful and well overdue gift of conversation!

Another great gift available to you on the island of O`ahu that you can hook your mom up with, is (SUP) Stand Up Paddle Lessons or Surfing Lessons. Here at OSE, we say it’s never to late to start living life… it’s never to late to start surfing. As long as you have the right educators, like the instructors over at Oahu Surfing Experience. The team at OSE will keep your mom safe, educate her with vital ocean knowledge and just about give her the experience of a life time. Stoke mom out today! Book her in now for Mothers Day bliss. Or if you can’t convince your dear ol’ mother that surfing/SUPing is for her, OSE also have on offer, a lovely mermaid photo shoot you can awe her with. This is where she can be transformed into a mystical, mythical mermaid for an hour and walk away with the most beautifully photographed memories. Captured memories that she will cherish for her lifetime.

"mothers day"

Celebrate Mothers day.With some Hawaiian fun in the sun.


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Here is some trivia for you:

Mothers Day. The modern American holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. Her campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her beloved mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died.

Want to see how they celebrate mothers day around the world.

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As they say, life’s experiences are worth their weight in gold. Experiences are things you just can’t replace.

So go live life, but don’t forget to hug your mama on the way.

"mothers day"

A mother with her mer pod

If you have the fortune of being able to hook up with the crew at OSE, you will most likely have your Hawai’i experience of a life time. They offer with great certainty, the best and safest surfing lessons that you will ever have available to you. SUPing lessons are another option they have on offer… but don’t hesitate for a second to inquire about their unique and exclusive mermaid photo shoots for mothers and daughters and young ladies alike, who wish to transform their daily land-loving life into a mystical memory of fantasy that will last for a life time




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