Mermaid photo shoot

Mermaid photo shoot

Six reasons why you need a Mermaid photo shoot …Reason #1: You ain’t getting any younger… and so be it, even if you’re not getting any younger, it’s still better to age like fine wine. It’s always most feasible to age with grace or better yet, preserve that charismatic beauty of yours with a Mermaid photo shoot . Keep in mind, we will execute with you, an amazing, creative and quite flattering Mermaid photo shoot . To be frank with you, no matter what age you are or no matter what shape and size you may be, with our vast variety of gorgeous, custom, tailor made mermaid tails, we will help to bedazzle you with mermagic and bring out your eternal glowing beauty that will immortalize you with the likes of the legends, fantasy and folklore of mythological sirens. This Mermaid photo shoot will be a happy and positive topic of conversation that your friends and family will talk about for decades. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can successfully accomplish today. Whether you’re on vacation here in the Islands or even if Hawaii is your primary residence, the wonderful memories you will obtain from your Mermaid photo shoot will be with you forever. Let the team here at Oahu Surfing Experience a.k.a Oahu Mermaid Experience, capture you or a loved one in all your/their inner and outer mermaid beauty.

"mermaid photo shoot"

professional Mermaid photo shoot in Hawaii

We absolutely feel good inside, when our clients go home and relay back to us just how cold it is in their neck of the woods and they explain just how happy and grateful they are to have such warm, tangible and everlasting memories that transport them from the freezing weather, back into a wonderful dream state of a sunny and tropical paradise. All in all, most of our clients are always completely ecstatic that they took a chance and chose a Mermaid photo shoot with us. 

Reason #2 :

Our Mermaid photo shoot, with you as the primary subject, make outstanding Christmas Cards. So if you’re already thinking about a Christmas Card theme and are having trouble coming up with something clever, well… you need look no further. You’ll be prepared this season with a unique and classy Mermaid photo shoot. Many of our lovely mermaid clients totally love this idea. This mermaid Christmas Card theme will brighten up anyone’s day!

"Mermaid photo shoot"

underwater mermaid

Reason #3

It is just really FUN to do. Putting on a tail and getting pampered is part of it all. We will work with on your poses and we will work on getting your best angles. We will help capture the true essence of an Oahu Mermaid Experience.

Reason #4

It’s like having an extra Halloween in one year. Who doesn’t like to dress up and delve into a world of fantasy. It’s like tapping into your inner child and you channel the mischievous mermaid in you when you partake in a Mermaid photo shoot with us.

The only difference between Halloween and our Mermaid Experience, is there are two professionals amongst you to help facilitate and capture every moment and make you look perfect.

"photo shoot mermaid"

things to do in Hawaii mermaid photo shoot

Reason # 5

Seashells, Sea Crowns and Sea Bras oh my! On the beach.

Now these hand made accessories are truly classic and available to you as part of your Mermaid photo shoot… not to mention an array of other fabulous, handmade, signature accessories that you get to where.

Reason #6 

Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and the Social Media List goes on. Now That the world has been taken over by social media, it’s pretty much a must to post a shot of you as a mermaid, at least at one point in your life.

Oh… did I mention? Most of all, it is just really fun, fun, fun under the Hawaiian tropical sun.

Photos are Pixilated /low resolution  for quick time viewing

So book with us here and now at Oahu Surfing Experience for a unique and adventurous Oahu Mermaid Experience… It’s a one of a kind Mermaid photo shoot that equates to memories that will last you a lifetime.



We at OahuSurfingExperience teach the most quality surfing lessons that surfing has to offer. If your a lady or a little girl and surfing doesn’t necessarily captivate you; we also offer a unique and exclusive mermaid model shoot that will absolutely intrigue the ladies and as well, give them memories that will last a life time. Keep in mind however, we absolutely are surfers at heart. So if we are not running a surf lesson or conducting a mermaid photo shoot,we more then likely will be out in the surf, tapping in to some valuable, “me time”. Because of this very reason, we strongly suggest that you book in advance with us, but it will be absolutely worth your commitment. Book now for your one of a kind opportunity and you will guaranteed walk away with skills and ocean safety knowledge that will last you a life time. Even when the waves are big we know of safe places to go.
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Mermaid photo shoot

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Mermaid photo shoot in the ocean

"Today Mermaid photo shoot"

mermaid photo shoot on oahu

"mermaid fun"

mermaid in Hawaii

"Mermaid photo shoot Oahu"

mermaid swimming with a professional Mermaid photo shoot

"professional photo shoot"

professional mermaid photo shoot

"best mermaid photo shoot"

real mermaid become one memories that last a life time

"beautiful mermaid tails"

real swimming mermaid

"aired Mermaid photo shoot"

beautiful Mermaid photo shoots underwater and above

"things to do on the north shore"

north shore fun dream mermaid photo shoot

Come and swim with the Mermaids

"mermaid ideas"

black and white Mermaid photo shoot

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