Best Surf Lessons on Oahu

Here are a just a few ideas on what makes Oahu Surfing Experience the Best Surf Lessons on Oahu. In fact…. we can say with confidence, that you could travel the world abroad and not find a team of instructors assembled who are more qualified, competent, capable, EXTREMELY SAFE and knowledgeable then the team here at Oahu Surfing Experience. All of our surfing instructors were at one time and for a long period of time, top level, former professional surfers. Since all of our teachers have been practically swimming, bodysurfing, bodyboarding and surfing as long as they’ve been walking, it grants our team of instructors the gift of conveying and breaking down information to our student and simplifying even the most difficult of surfing concepts. Our instructors can and will divulge the most pertinent, practical and basic knowledge and nuances of surfing to our students and as well, we will engrain the basic core structure of surfing to our pupils which encompasses ocean safety, cultural etiquette, surfing technique and surfing style. As I mentioned before, we are the Best Surf Lessons on Oahu, or that you can get anywhere in fact, because our surfing lessons come with some of the best, safest and funnest surfing instructors the world has ever known.

We teach with the simple formula : one teacher to one student.

Why? It’s absolutely the safest way to take or conduct a surfing lesson. Also, look at the bigger picture. You’ll catch five times as many waves as you would in a regular group surf lesson. We are very thorough and work with you on every single wave, we will break it down for you step-by-step and we will just straight up help you to do mo better out in the vast, blue ocean. We will build up your confidence not just in surfing but with certain other water activities you may tend to progress towards. One to one teaching is the only way to go! It is absolutely the safest way to teach and learn, and you will get more out of one lesson with us then you would 10 to 15 group Surf Lessons.

Another reason that OSE is the Best Surf Lessons on Oahu and it is extremely important to us… we are a Mom-N-Pop Shop and that makes us more vested in our students then the other bigger surf schools out there and we are completely and absolutely more safe for our students then the many other illegal surf school’s that are operating without the proper permits and licenses out on the North Shore. We care about our students, we love to teach surfing and we are very invested in you riding waves all the way to the beach. We are always safe and teach safety first… because safety is our priority and there is no substitute for quality.

Oahu Surfing Experience was developed by husband & wife & former professional surfers Tamayo and Emilia Perry who wanted to be a different, safer, more personable, more simplified and hands down wanted to be the most effective surf school available. The way they teach their lessons relates to their surfing journey of 20 plus years. Knowledge that’s been accumulated for decades through surfing world travels and professional surfing experience help to customize and cater your surf lesson to what ever skill level you may be at.

We are insured, registered, licensed and legal in the State of Hawaii and OSE is one of only two legal surf schools that operate out of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

We are the Best Surf Lessons on Oahu …

We have the most fun and you will be thoroughly educated and entertained throughout your lesson.

We are with you through out the entire lesson, that means we don’t leave you to go surfing. It is your time….& 100% your lesson.

We love what we do and are passionate about teaching. We enjoy handing over our knowledge and experience and passing it onto you.

We are mobile, so we go to a safe location according to what the waves, tide and weather are doing on the day of your lesson. We know everyone has different skill sets and learning levels, so we first grill you with some Q & A and get to the bottom of how to best customize a surfing experience just for you. For some guaranteed fun and epic, useful education, book with us today at Oahu Surfing Experience.

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Good luck and with the Team at OSE in your corner, no Mission is Impossible. We hope you should choose to accept this mission. We’ll be ready and waiting for you.

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