Surviving a wipeout

Surviving a wipeout

"tamayo perry wipeout"

tamayo perry at Pipeline  on surviving a wipeout

No matter what level you surf at, we all wipe out. Sometimes it can be like America’s Funniest Home Video’s kind of funny and other times it can down right painful looking. Painful in the sense, well, like witnessing a train wreck. Wether you like it or not, we all have  to experience a wipeout or two in our surfing encounters because it’s really just a part of the overall surfing package. I was talking to one of The North Shore OG surf guru’s. He told me that a few of the heavy weight, big wave, hell men used to paddle out to giant Waimea and intentionally eat it on the take off just for fun. Back then, they never used leashes (they didn’t have leashes), so you can imagine the adrenaline of surviving a wipeout on your own merits, knowing there are no lifeguards to come and save your ass.

 Below are some great tips to surviving a wipeout:

# Number 1 way to surviving a wipeout is; “When in doubt ,don’t go out!”

Do the research. Know what your getting into.

# RELAX – just sing that song by ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ in your head

# Brace, embrace and enjoy (well, as much as you possibly can)… and remember to     stay calm and protect your head.

# Know when enough is enough.

# Be fit physically and mentally.

# Surf with a buddy. Safety first! The buddy system works most of the time.

"Surviving a wipeout"

tamayo perry wipeout at Pipeline

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