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Through out my entire existence on this sun drenched planet, I have been told by the elders of Australia, “ check ya spots , put on sunscreen, wear a hat”. It feels like I have been doing this monotonous routine ever since I was birthed from the womb. When I was a young child, before me, and well into the next generation, we Australian’s had to learn the anti skin cancer campaign, “Slip Slop Slap!”. This is the long running slogan the Aussie government would slap in our faces every single day, and now in retrospect, on what must have been, every other commercial presented. You got to remember, the hole in the ozone layer over the continent of Australia is on the verge of useless and lets in so many harmful UV and radio active waves that are the primary ingredients for developing a good case of skin cancer. So in knowing this, I am and always will be thankful for the cramming down my throat of this life saving message.

1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia – more than 43,000 people died from cancer in 2012. Cancer accounted for about 3 in 10 deaths in Australia.

Around 19,000 more people die each year from cancer than they did 30 years ago. This is due mainly to population growth and aging. However, the death rate (number of deaths per 100,000 people) has fallen by more than 16%.

cancer facts

Then on the opposite extreme… You Have Tamayo Perry, who has grown up his whole life in the lovely and much more temperate, neutral, and humid Hawaiian sun and hardly uses sunscreen at all.

This is only because he wasn’t instilled with good sun habits from an early age. I’ve called him reckless for years. He thinks just because he has that brown skin town, he doesn’t need to apply any sunscreen at all, but not now after all that nagging I’ve done, the boy wised up… well kinda anyway. Hey, look… Hawai`i may not be top on the top list but it gets it’s fair share of skin cancer. Guess what? He already has had a spot cut out that he was concerned might be an ugly issue. Thank goodness it was not a problem, however, we must always be aware and we must always take proper measures on protecting our skin, bodies and health. No matter what color our skin pigment and no matter what continent we live on, the suns harmful rays are only getting worse.

Remember people! check ya spots and in the meantime, Slip Slop Slap!

Here are some pics from the internet on what to look for. (Especially check behind the ears. It is a common thing for most people to forget to cover their ears with sunscreen.)

my technique for applying sunscreen/ zinc………will show pics

Here are some skin cancer facts to scare you into getting a check up


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