Best recommended surf lessons

First thing to do when you get to the North Shore: one of the Best recommended surf lessons …

Book a surfing lesson with Oahu Surfing Experience. If you are like me, there is more to travel than where to eat, where to drink, where to lie on the beach, even what to see. You want to better yourself, and you want to awaken in yourself something new.

Oahu Surfing Experience(O.S.E.) greatly impressed me by the ENTHUSIASTIC and PROFESSIONAL mentorship provided by owner-instructors. Our surfing lesson started with approximately twenty minutes on shore at a beginner’s break, where they discussed the different ways the ocean can wallop a surfer or swimmer, and how to avoid or lessen the damage to oneself. Then, on shore, she instructed me in surfing technique: paddling stance, stand ups, posture, position, and instructor-student commands. Physically and mentally: this was a wake-up! If you take this lesson, get a good night’s sleep. O.S.E. is trying to pack a lot into your lesson and provide great value and an amazing experience of a life time.

The rest of the two-hour lesson was spent in the water. Because of their knowledge, the alley and the surfing paths were all clear, which was good because I was falling a lot. To get the most of my lesson, they helped me catch some waves by riding out on the longboard with me and steadying the board while I caught the wave, then letting go. In doing this, called tandeming, they are essentially like human training wheels. Then when I was surfing away, she would watch me and shout instructions for safety and how to ride the wave longer.

The time really just flew by, and by then I was worn out. (Next time I take a surfing lesson, I aim to be a better swimmer, and a better stand upper). Two things most impressed me. 1. How really enjoyable the lesson was. I did not become competent by one lesson’s end, but I did greatly enjoy my time attempting to surf. 2. I took away a greater respect for the forces of the ocean.

This is something I really needed to learn before venturing out to some of Oahu’s other wonderful, but sometimes treacherous beaches. A cautious attitude is valuable. P.S. When I went to crowded Waimea Bay a couple days later and played in the nice big shorebreak, I did remember to protect my head when I ducked under the wave, boogie boarders flying over me. Thanks Oahu Surfing Experience you guys are the Best recommended surf lessons.

Jo L. Wisconsin

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