Five good reasons to take up surfing

Five good reasons to take up surfing lessons with Oahu Surfing Experience.

There are many reasons to take up exclusive and private surfing lessons but here are our top Five good reasons to take up surfing.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced surfer, we can accommodate even your most trivial needs. We pride ourselves on keeping our students safe and feeling confident in an ocean environment that can be so very deceiving and unpredictable. You can utilize OSE much like a multi-session Surf Clinic and you can do this by prebooking multi-sessions with the team at OSE. If you take this approach, watch your surfing skills improve in a remarkably short amount of time. Always important to remember, book in advance for the Oahu Surfing Experience. It’s highly recommended because we are a small, personable, family operated business… spots are limited and we want to do everything in our power to accommodate you.

So here are our Top Five good reasons to take up surfing lessons with the coaches at Oahu Surfing Experience:

Reason # 1

Hawai’i is the birthplace of surfing. Wouldn’t it be awesome to start your surfing journey where the purest and most sensational of all human moving arts first began? Even if you are already well advanced in the life-force and thrill of surfing, wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the opportunity and access to a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the field of surfing in O’ahus heavy waters? Need I say more? If I do… check it out! The Island of O’ahu boasts some of the world’s most greatest variety of wave opportunity. It’s the absolute complete package! Warm water, hands down the worlds best waves, also some of its most challenging waves and waves right around the corner that are easy and fun, whitewash/roller type waves to ride, even here on the north shore of O’ahu. Because we are mobil and because we work one to one with our students, we are able to accommodate your needs and adjust you for a much better experience according to the day and depending on what the conditions have to offer.

The Ancient Hawaiian people did not consider surfing a mere recreational activity, hobby, extreme sport, or career as it is viewed today. Rather, the Hawaiian people integrated surfing into their culture and made surfing more of an art form and a way to express your innersole on a moving element of nature. They referred to this art as heʻe nalu which translates into English as “wave sliding”.

Reason #2

We are the best private surf lessons you can find anywhere, period. We say this with confidence and

not with arrogance, and this is only because of the 55 plus, accumulated years of surfing, surviving and getting paid to be surfing athletes at the top professional level Emilia & I have had the pleasure to obtain. Unlike many of the other surf schools that talk a lot but yet don’t explain nothing; we can talk the talk & actually get you, to walk the walk. Taking classes one-on-one with a master surfer can jump start your skills and make surfing even more fun than you could have ever imagined. The great thing about private surf lessons with OSE is that if you’re having a specific difficulty, we can work on it. We are extremely safe and you won’t have to wait for our instructors to deal with anyone else. You’ll have your own individual surfing instructor that will have your full, undivided attention. We also teach safety and etiquette so you’re always welcomed back to any surfing line up . You’ll catch the most waves and learn the fastest with Oahu Surfing Experience ’s private instruction!

Reason #3

Surfing offers an unprecedented freedom and joy that is second to none. Talk about stress relieving!

Surfing gives us the most fantastic sense of freedom. When we’re in the water, we feel free from from the everyday stresses of life. No cellphones, no nagging… the stresses of life seem to just fade away. Just pure surf stoke. We love the saying and swear by it, “only a surfer knows the feeling” and we couldn’t agree with it anymore. Nothing beats the feeling of riding a wave. And being in the warm Hawaiian waters. Often times we see endangered green see turtles and sometimes we see the rare and endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Every time we come across these cute and adorable sea critters, every time I see them I can’t help but smile. We must always remember to never bother or harass the wild life. For one, they’re endangered. So in knowing that alone, they most definitely deserve some space. For the second great reason, as cute and intriguing as the sea life may seem, they are still wild animals that can deliver a pretty nasty bite “if provoked”.

Reason #4


The great thing about surfing is, it’s an activity that you can practice in many different places. So if you’re planning a vacation and the destination has an ocean, you can probably surf there! Keep in mind, that with the recent enhancement and development of wave pools, surfing is no longer an event exclusive to the ocean. However, if it’s an educational vacation you’re after, at Oahu Surfing Experience we specialize in 5 day surf sessions, where you do an epic morning surf session then you go about the rest of your day doing your vacation stuff.

Reason #5

IT’S A GREAT FORM OF EXERCISE and you are practically never too old to learn…. if taught by the right instructors 🙂

Surfing is not a passive sport. While you’re paddling in and out, or popping up on your board, you probably won’t even realize what a complete head to toe, body workout you’re getting. The fresh salt air and sunshine make it an alternative that you’ll choose over the gym any day and you will feel absolutely alive and invigorating. A lot of people learn when they’re older, and it’s totally possible for you, too. The surfing community is diverse and full of people of all ages.

Bonus Reason

Things to do in Haleiwa

There are so many Things to do in Haleiwa and on the rest of the North Shore of O’ahu. Obviously, one of the great and enjoyable activities, is to take a surfing lesson with the team at Oahu Surfing Experience. This helpful tip is good at all levels. Wether you are an absolute beginner, need a tune up, or even if you need a professional North Shore Guide. We have it all!

As far as the many Things to do in Haleiwa are concerned, the most unique, exclusive and worth every cent experience you could choose for your beloved girlfriend, wife or daughter, is one of the special things Oahu Surfing Experience offers in the area between Haleiwa and Sunset Beach, a.k.a “The 7 Mile Miracle” as it is more famously known here on the North Shore of O’ahu.

Mermaids are quite popular these days. You can book a unique and exclusive mermaid photo shoot with us at Oahu Surfing Experience.

We have a variety of women and girl size tails for all your shapes, ages and sizes. Dive into a fantasea world where you become a mermaid. Our hand maid tails and accessories leave you having one of the most magical photo shoot sessions you could ever have come across. Everything! Tails, crowns and accessories are all custom/hand made.

Things to do in Haleiwa mermaid photo shoot??? Yes, that’s right!!! Do something on your trip to Hawai’i that is going to leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime. Definitely something fun and original to do.

We love the art of photography and have a passion for creating. It is a blessing to bring smiles to our clients faces and we have sooo much fun in all the creative process. We generally do our mermaid photo shoots just before the sun goes down to capture our subjects in all their radiance. This is a great way to obtain and have documented professional photos on your trip on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Not interested in a mermaid photo session, we also offer family photo sessions, individual photo sessions, romantic couple shoots.

On your honeymoon and want a mini photo session at golden hour? We got that covered as well.

We have limited availability and book up quick.

So for an exciting addition to your hawaii vacation book a professional photo session today…. Because our Oahu Mermaid Experience photo shoots are so unique and fun and bottom line, you won’t be able to find or enjoy this experience anywhere else in the world 🙂

So, these are the Five good reasons to take up surfing with OSE and remember, at the very least, when you’re looking for things to do in Haleiwa, mermaid photo shoots are the way to go. It’s a Win-Win for everyone!!!

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