Oahu Mermaid Photo shoots and professional appearances.

If you ladies don’t feel like learning to surf,  ask about our professional mermaid photo shoots.

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Oahu Mermaid Experience …… Professional mermaid photo shoots and

Unique professional appearances for events-

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Where all your dreams will come true . Photos that you can treasure for ever.

An awesome opportunity of a lifetime.



Best mermaid photo shoot

Get your Mermaid Experience on with Professional photograther Tamayo Perry.

Some of you may not know but Tamayo perry went to University for Photo Journalism  and excelled in his field. He has a huge passion for photography and has worked with some of the worlds best. Come to the beautiful North Shore of Oahu and get a your family Potraits, mother/ daugther photo shoot or just a really great picture.

Emilia Perry has a large selection of mermaid tails for all shapes and sizes, all pain stankingly made with love and Aloha. Emilia is a professional mermaid. She is also a profssional Make up artist and hair stlyist licenced in the state of hawaii.




What you will get from your professional mermaid photo shoot:

– You leave with a  4’x6′ photo print

– 8 professional digital images, 2 of which will be professionally edited.

– The use of an amazing mermaid tail, use of  a mermaid bikini  top, sea crown and other sea accessories for for the photo shoot.

– Emilia will be your professional stylist, directing you on  how to pose and ajusting all the little things paying close attention to fine detail.  Light make up will be available if needed .

* Call for pricing and ask about our deluxe packages.


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Fun family mermaid photo shoot

Fun family mermaid photo shoot

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Cute mermaid on the beach

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children photo shoots

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"Mermaid Photo Shoot"

Wat to become a beautiful mermaid you now can with Oahu surfing Experience

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Mother mermaid looking stunning in these one of beautiful custom made tails

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real beautiful mermaid on the beach

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Mermaid dreams come true

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Mother and daughter photo shoot memories that last a lifetime

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Mother and daughter hanging out getting their mermaid on.

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Best things to do with your kids on Oahu surfing lessons and mermaids

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Mermaid with a mermaid tattoo

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Become a mermaid in your natural environment

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Fun in Hawaii with your kids

"Professional Mermaid Emilia"

Worlds first Professional Surfing Mermaid …Mermaid Emilia

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Mermaid Family fun in hawaii

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