winter is here

winter is here


Let it be known, “ winter is here “, has become quite a popular hash tag this week.

The HIC Pro kicked off with massive waves rolling in. I’m talkin’, the surf was quoted as being in the Hawaiian scale of 12 to 15 feet… with a translation in mainland scale being, a solid 25 to 30 feet tall.

"ace cool "

Ace cool rest in peace

During this monstrosity of a swell, the north shore lost another one-of-a-kind, controversial, BIG Wave surfing icon/legends, who most new, by his self-given stage name, “Ace Cool”. Alec Cooke was last seen paddling out towards Waimea Bay on the north Shore of O`ahu right on dark, at 6:30ish pm. He was wearing a white T-shirt and light-blue, plaid board shorts. His board was found the following day but there has been still no signs of Ace.

A high surf warning was in effect Tuesday afternoon because of the solid northwest swell. The high surf warning had also been issued today due to the powerful and abrupt energy that is building in a new, large, northwest swell. The other key factor for the new warning, is that this swell is predicted to rise rather rapidly.

"Pipeline barrel "

Very big pipeline

Before I go any further, I’ll give you a little better picture of the character behind this larger-then-life, Big Wave personalities. A past news article read something like this…. Ace Cool undertakes a new mission: swimming around Oahu to bring attention to issues of water quality and related habitat destruction.

ACE COOL Swim for Blue Water 2008

To say the very least, Ace was one of the more extremely committed individuals. Our thoughts and prayers for comfort and peace go out to his family and friends. God rest your soul my fellow surf adventurer.

"Bruce Irons pipeline"

Bruce irons charging pipeline

There really hasn’t been any swell of any kind hitting the islands until now. Just one quick swell in early august. Oh, I take that back… South shore has been solidly crankin well into their late season, with real deal 4-6 foot swells gracing their shorelines, but that’s an absolutely different story. Pretty much the moment the wsl blocked our beautiful view of the lovely Sunset Beach with their giant Jack-in-the-Box, circus-like eyesore; then and only then did the north shore winter seem like it was going to crank.

"Dropping in"

Dont drop in its a heavy place

Here is a sneak peak at what Pipeline was doing simultaneously as the HIC Pro was happening right down the road. The Banzai Pipeline gave a very  real glimpse of what this wild and wonderful El Nino winter might be holding for us. Look, winter is here and the magnificent Pipeline has reared her beautiful head and once again has shown her true colors, right along side with the glory and pain.

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"pipeline Oahu"

Pipeline Oahu’s , North shore.

"winter is here"

winter is here Tamayo contemplating the session

"Mark Healy pipeline"

Mark Healy coming in after a heavy session

"Proctor surfboards pipeline"

Tamayo Perry bottom turning on a proctor surfboard

"pipeline drop"

winter is here taking the drop

"Pipeline showers"

taking it all in after tackling the banzai pipeline

"winter is here"

crazy wipeout at pipeline













winter is here

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