The New year has just kicked off and most people have gone into full swing on their new years resolution. What’s yours?
Think about it, “resolution” means: A course of action determined or decided on.

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surfing north shore oahu

Well my course of action is to surf more. Just the other day I played the lazy card and made up a bunch of excuses as to why I shouldn’t paddle out. The waves were pretty darn fun as well. However, I had decided to wait till the morning to surf. But behold, I woke up ready to surf all day and the waves were terrible. Thus bringing me to my new years resolution: if it looks half-way decent, it’s better to have a surf than think its going to be better tomorrow and wish you had surfed. The old bird-in-the-hand cliche comes to mind about now.
Sticking with your New Years resolution might be hard but actually, if you mentally prepare yourself, your goals can be accomplished.
Below are some mentally useful tips…as they wrote on Buzz feed

Be realistic with yourself when setting your resolutions.
Keep it simple.
Make specific and challenging goals, rather than broad or easy ones.
Start taking action toward your goals instead of spending too much time in your head.
Do it for you.
Create more mini-goals instead of bigger ones.
Use the buddy system
If your resolution failed last time… think about what went wrong. Then go ahead and try again, but fix parts that didn’t work.
Be your own biggest fan.

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fun and fitness on the north shore

Let me inform you a little more about surfing New Years resolutions… Writer Ben Mondy puts it over so eloquently, in surfings best New Years resolutions
– Book that holiday with Oahu Surfing Experience
– Surf more
– Start doing airs (or something new that makes you uncomfortable)
– Do a free dive course.
– Give someone a wave.
– Expand your craft.
– Take an advanced surfing lesson with OSE and eliminate years of bad habits.

and after all is said and done, don’t forget to treat your self for sticking with those goals :^}


Just a friendly reminder…  if you plan to make a day trip out to the north shore, don’t forget that you can get surf lessons or stand up paddle lessons … or, if surfing doesn’t interest you ladies, become a mermaid for a photo shoot, with Oahu Surfing Experience. Keep in mind; we know some great small wave spots that are away from the big waves, so you can remain calm and cool and feeling safe. (808) 497-7109

"advanced lessons from OSE"

new years resolution is … surf more

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