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Surfing Lessons on Oahu

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Oahu Surf???????????????????I am going to hawaii over the summer where is the best place to […]

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Waikiki Surf Lessons

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Where can I learn to surf in Honolulu?My family is taking a trip to Hawaii […]

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A tribute to inspirational and legendary cameraman Sonny Miller

I think it’s fare to say, that in the short 54 years that Sonny Miller had graced us with his […]

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Hawaiian Paddle Board Race

Hawaiian Paddle Board Race Written by Tamayo perry Even just one week prior to the event, I hadn’t given it […]

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Surf Lessons Oahu North Shore 808-497-7109

Getting Prepared For Surfing Surfing may look easy and effortless when you see an experienced surfer ride a wave, but there […]

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Oahu Surfing Experience 808-497-7109

Oahu Surfing Experience Experience the best surf lessons on the north shore of Oahu with Tamayo and Emilia Perry, two […]

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Oahu Surf Lesson Review

Oahu Surfing Lesson Success Story I grew up in the interior of Canada, so I wasn’t very familiar with the […]

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