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surf slang

surf slang Prior to delving into a surfing lesson, one might find it imperative to gaining a brief understanding of […]

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strap your surfboard dummy

strap your surfboard dummy Part 3 So after we veraciously finished our delicious and ever so filling poke bowl, we […]

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stack and strap your surfboards

stack and strap your surfboards Part 1 As former traveling, professional surfers, we have literally utilized every possible method, material […]

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Five stretches to do before you surf

Five stretches to do before you surf The inevitable doesn’t have to be looming. It actually can be prolonged gracefully. […]

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favorite Hawaiian dishes

favorite Hawaiian dishes fo grine afta Guess what? “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Well, at least in […]

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Easy surf food

Easy surf food Eager for a quick turn-around session. Don’t want to spend all your valuable time in the kitchen, […]

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how rainbows work

how rainbows Work Before every surf, I do my best to clear my head. A zenful (clear) mind in the […]

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