Tamayo Perrys top 6

Tamayo Perrys top 6

Tamayo Perry had the pleasure of getting interviewed by The Surfers View. The opportunity arose when we randomly met the interviewer Mike Reynolds, on the streets of New York city. This all went down while we were doing charity work on an East Coast road trip tour for Surfers Healing; the volunteer, not for profit, autistic healing surf camp. We just so happened to have a day off in between tour camp stops as we were traveling up and down the coast having an amazing time, and this is when we stumbled upon the likes of good ol Mike. To sum it up, The Surfers View is an online, extreme sports, computer magazine/website. Mike Reynolds, is the proud and extremely friendly owner, interviewer, writer and editor of this amazing source of surfing entertainment and information. This interview is a really brief, but entertaining article, that will give you a basic insight on the guy who has been surfing “The Worlds Deadliest Wave” for nearly three-quarters of his entire life. If there was a degree to be given for the vast amount of time and the immense dedication to surfing a death-defying wave such as Pipeline, then Tamayo would have a Doctorate by now. Thanks again Mike Reynolds, for the awesome opportunity to be a part of your wonderful magazine. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

"Tamayo Perry News"

Tamayo Perry in the News

To all of our friends of the world, and strangers alike, we hope you enjoy a little surfing history, presented from the eyes of a surfing mad man. The article is titled Tamayo Perrys top 6 .

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"every breaking wave"

every breaking wave breaks different


TAMATO says : "Happy Tuesday everyone! As much as is possible... may you have a safe, speedy and enjoyable work week." - repost and #photo taken by my #friend and #amazing #water #photographer @barrel_junkie . This #photo was shot from about three weeks ago... The last #pipeline swell of the #winter #season . It will be about 3 months until I meet up with #pipe again... #boy am #i gonna miss #her . The #great #blue #sea . The #ocean #is my #happy #place . #loving #life @oahusurfingexperience

TAMATO says : “Happy Tuesday everyone! As much as is possible… may you have a safe, speedy and enjoyable work week.” – repost and #photo taken by my #friend and #amazing #water #photographer @barrel_junkie . This #photo was shot from about three weeks ago… The last #pipeline swell of the #winter #season . It will be about 3 months until I meet up with #pipe again… #boy am #i gonna miss #her . The #great #blue #sea . The #ocean #is my #happy #place . #loving #life @oahusurfingexperience



Tamayo Perrys top 6


This #beautiful #photo was taken by a #good #aussie #mate of mine who goes by the name of @sparkesphoto . Not only is Dave Sparkes one of the #world s #best #surfing #photographers , but he is also an #amazing #artist and #painter as well.
This shot was captured when I first moved back home to #hawaii from #australia about three years ago. It was the first #pipe swell of the season and being away for a year and a half, I was sooo #homesick for my beloved #pipeline. Judging by this #picture here, #she missed me to, and welcomed me back with open arms. Pipeline has been such a permanent fixture in my #life and such an integral part of who I am, that it’s always a hard decision for me to leave her for to long. For a more in depth #history of #me, #tamayoperry, and the #love of my life, check out the “current link in my bio” from a recent #interview I did for @thesurfersview . It is also posted on my Facebook wall for another way to access the interview. It’s a short article, but very informative and entertaining. Hope you like it m/

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