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Private Surf Lessons Oahu Surfing Experience

While there are many reasons to come to Hawaii, there is only one real reason to come to Oahu: private surf ing lessons with Oahu Surfing Experience. At Oahu Surfing Experience, they specialize in teaching proper foundation and good surfing etiquette, with the major emphasis being on safety. If you’re coming to Oahu for surfing lessons, then let us recommend OSE and their services to you.


Oahu Surfing Experience partly gets its great reputation thanks to the two highly qualified instructors, Tamayo and Emilia Perry. Tamayo is perhaps most well known for winning the Pipe Masters competition in 1999 and playing his cameo role in the Universal Pictures film, ‘ Blue Crush ‘. Emilia gets her notoriety from logging in more tube time at the famous Banzai Pipeline then just about any other women in surfing history. This power couple of surfing have over 25 years of experience and the ability to offer private surf lessons Oahu Surfing Experience. When your coming to O`ahu and your ready to get your surf on, you can’t do any better for your vacation than surfing with the Perry’s.

Available Lessons

These private surf lessons off the North Shore are subject to the weather. Safety is the foremost concern, fun second. When it comes to surfing safety, nothing is more important than making sure that the weather is conducive to going out and having a good time on the waves. While lessons are available seven days a week all year round, the weather is constantly monitored to make sure that it’s safe to go out. This means that there is limited availability, so please call as far ahead of time as possible to schedule private lessons.

Since safety is so important, OSE is fully licensed in giving lessons and insured. OSE instructors always maintain current certificates for lifesaving techniques, such as CPR and first aid. You couldn’t be in better hands on the North Shore.

All ages are welcome. This includes kids surf lessons off the the majestic North Shore. Kids love coming to Oahu and then going back home to tell their friends all about how they surfed like a real professional. Not only is it a great vacation activity, but it’s also a great way to keep the kids outside and enjoying an integral part of the local Hawaiian culture.

For beginning lessons, equipment is provided. This includes a flotation vest if you’re not feeling too confident about your swimming skills, or just want some added protection. An instructor will always be totally focused on you, so there is no need to worry. Your instructor will go over with you all of the basics of surfing, from rules of etiquette, to learning how to stand and balance on a board. Beginning lessons start at around  $150 + Tax  per/person for two hours.

For more advanced lessons, no equipment is provided, but instructors are more than happy to go over the elements of style, fine-tune your technique and help you break bad habits. Part of the appeal of private surf lessons on Oahu has to do with getting your surfing skills up to the next level. You don’t have to be a beginner to get something out of private surfing lessons. Take your style and skill-set  to the next level and wow even yourself the next time you go out surfing with your friends. Advanced and expert lessons start at around $200 + Tax per/person for two hours.

Private surf lessons Oahu Surfing Experience are a great way to have a great time while you’re visiting the North Shore, and the Oahu Surfing Experience is the best way to accomplish having that awesome time. Don’t believe us? Check out the surf lesson reviews you find online from all the happy clients and customers. Call today to get an advanced reservation!

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