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Take Surf Lessons At Oahu Surfing Experience

Learning how to surf can be one of the most pleasant experiences in a lifetime. The contact with the water, the power you feel when you manage to tame the waves and ride them towards the shore are unforgettable and highly emotional experiences. However, learning how to surf can be tricky if you attempt to do it in front of your luxury hotel with another 100 plus people next to you and in front of you and with you, on one of the most crowded beaches in the Hawaiian Islands. It’s always better to look for smaller schools, where instructors have more time to dedicate to each student, so that you can make sure you learn all techniques properly right from the beginning.

Oahu Surfing Experience is the perfect surf camp to learn and practice this awesome but technical sport that is surfing. The reason why this surfing school is much better than any other, is the quality of the instructors, who are highly trained and extremely experienced, professional surfers. They are in fact a husband and wife owned and operated team and Oahu Surfing Experience is their small and private surf school which focuses on quality, education, proper etiquette and above all, ‘ SAFETY ‘. Your first surf session is extremely important, because it can determine your love or hate for the activity.

One of the best things you can do is take private lessons, so that you have the trainers all to yourself.

This is possible in smaller schools like Oahu Surfing Experience. Actually, they only offer private lessons, this is how positive they are, this is the best way to learn how to surf.

In this surf camp you’ll learn the secrets of surfing, surfing etiquette, ocean awareness and the safety rules for you and the people around you. It’s very important to acquire the correct methods of positioning, paddling and catching waves, the right methods of control while standing up and riding the waves and the technique of executing turns for more speed and flow.

Briefly, the lessons you’ll take in this surf camp will serve as an excellent foundation point you can build on. You can just be happy and enjoy the grace and purity of surfing during your summer vacations or you can take the experience one step further and learn the techniques and mind-set it takes toward becoming a professional. Everything is possible, thanks to the solid techniques, methods and safety rules you are going to learn during your private lessons.

If you already know how to surf but you’d like to improve your technique, you can take special classes that will help you rid of yourself of bad habits. We will teach you new maneuvers step-by-step and will instruct you on how to prevent injuries and how to develop great strength and fitness, essential for a perfect surfing experience.

If you wish, you can benefit from photography services, so that you can see yourself and correct the bad techniques you may have acquired in the past. However, this services is not always available, therefore you need to specifically ask for its availability, should you decide you are rather a visual learner. There will be an additional cost plus tax for this, in case the service is available by the time you request it.

You can choose whether you want to bring your own equipment for the surf lessons or you want to use the equipment provided to you by the school. Prices will be different, so check on them with the instructor before you sign up for a course. Regardless of your level, you can find a suitable course for you in this school, so don’t hesitate, contact the instructors today and have a chat about what you would like to learn next.

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