Summertime fun in Hawaii

Summer is upon us and if summertime fun in Hawaii and fun in the sun is at the top of your to-do list, then the team at OahuSurfingExperience have an awesomely unique, small selection of beach and aquatic summer activities for you to do here on Oahu. Grab your towels, bathing suits, board shorts, shades and sunscreen and escape with the kids for some summer activities on the ocean coasts of Hawaii. From surfing enjoyable waves, to building sand castles, to pure beach lounging whilst cooling down with a shaved ice (snow cone) in hand. Spend your summer holidays in Hawaii on Oahu with the crew at Oahu surfing Experience.

Come to Hawaii and feel the summer, trade wind breeze on your face as you explore these scenic islands by the power of your own two feet, on a SUP, a two wheel push bike, a rent-a-car or with snorkel and mask in hand. Don’t forget to finish off with a Ice cold coconut and some world famous poke.

Some of our favorite summertime fun in Hawaii suggestions are:

Take a surfing lesson with the most competent, and safe surfing instructors in the world, with the team at Oahu Surfing Experience

for mothers and daughters, if you’re not into the surfing thing, then participate in a one of a kind mermaid photo shoot that will provide you memories that will last a life-time.

Drive around the island and check out Kualoa Ranch where they shot 50 first dates, Jurassic park, Mighty Joe Young, The ultra famous Lost television series and many more classics.

Go to Diamond head crater

Spot dolphins on the North shore.

Drive around the Island

We gotta say… summertime fun in Hawaii is what the folks in hawaii pride themselves on.

All in a day of summertime fun in Hawaii. Now hurry and book today with oahu surfing experience where you can

be a mermaid learn to surf or go for a SUP with us down a unique river availability is limited and you’ll be sure to make waves!

Below are some Summertime fun in Hawaii Ocean safety tips

Safety Tips

# If you are unable to swim out of a strong current, signal for help

# Rely on your swimming ability rather than a flotation device

#Look for, read, and obey all beach and safety signs

#Protect the environment. Refrain from touching all reefs. Help keep the beaches clean and Hawaii beautiful.

#If in doubt, don’t go out!

#Swim in life guarded areas

#Never swim alone

#Do not dive into unknown water or into shallow breaking waves

#Do not attempt to dive over large waves

#Ask a lifeguard about beach and surf safety before swimming

#To protect your skin when swimming, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen often!

#It’s also extremely important to stay hydrated when playing and swimming out in the heat, so drink plenty of fluids.

#If you plan on swimming for the whole day, make sure to take breaks at least once an hour so you don’t get tired or hurt yourself.

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