Saving the Hawiian duck

cutest ever baby duck saved
Tamayo and I Saved this guy from drowning in the ocean amongst heavy seas. He got really lost. The mum was gone. Called the bird wild life people and they came right away. They think it could be a Koloa, which just so happens to be the only endemic Hawaiian duck. The Koloa is also on the top of the endangered species list. A loss of their lowland, wetland habitat, is in turn affecting the Hawaiian ducks. They say the Hawiian duck is endemic to the islands and they have been here for over 100,000 years. Mankind gotta do a better part on keeping mother nature thriving and happy.

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Nearly 70% of Hawai’i‘s native bird species are foundnowhere else on Earth, and many
of these species are declining or in danger of extinction. Although the Hawaiian Islands were once home to a remarkable diversity of waterfowl, only three species remain-the Hawaiian Goose (Nene), Laysan Duck, and Hawaiian Duck (Koloa mao/i)-all Federally endangered. The Koloa mao/i is the only Hawaiian bird threatened by “genetic extinction” from hybridization with an invasive species-feral Mallard ducks. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) biologists in Hawai’i are working to find the causes of bird endangerment and ways to prevent extinction of the Koloa mao/i and other threatened birds.

Saving the Hawiian duck very cute
The Hawaiian duck was endangered by hunting, non-native predators, hybridization with domestic ducks, and habitat loss. By 1962, it had been extirpated from all the Hawaiian Islands except Kauai where a few hundred birds remained. In 2002, there were 2,300 birds on Kauai (2,000) and Hawaii (300), and unknown numbers on Oahu and Maui.

The koloa, is generally mottled brown and has a green to blue speculum (the distinctive feathers on the secondary wing feathers) with white borders. Adult males tend to have a darker head and neck feathers (sometimes green). Both sexes have orange legs and feet. Females have a dull orange bill. The male koloa is 19 to 20 inches in length while the female is 16 to 17 inches. Their quack is a little softer than the mallard and koloa are not as vocal.

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Saving the Hawiian duck

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