North Shore beaches

North Shore beaches

Some North Shore beaches are in trouble and some people don’t believe in climate change, But How can you deny it? Especially taking into consideration.

"rocky Point beach"

Rocky point shoreline

# The toxins we have used for decades on this planet… the raw sewage that gets pumped daily into our oceans, the plastics made and used in such great excess, the carbon emissions and now to this day, a consistent amount of contaminated, radiated water that that seeps into the WNW Pacific Ocean (referencing Fukushima Daiichi in Japan).

"Rocky point beach erosion"

Rocky point beach erosion

# The Great Glacier Ice of the world IS undoubtedly melting and raising sea levels to unprecedented new levels.

#Extreme events

#Warming oceans and dying coral.

#Ocean acidification

"climate change"

Rocky point shoreline erosion don’t worry the waves are still all there


"coastline erosion"

waves, houses, water.

These are just to name a few compounding problems.

"North Shore beaches"

North Shore beaches Sunset beach Bike path

Just recently during a 5 foot swell (which is is not considered big at all here), some of the North Shore beaches of Oahu took a hit. One corner of beach near the famous Rocky Point and Monster Mush zone has eroded away. Completely! Like no one has ever scene before. Over the near future and through out this winter, we will eventually see what real and major damages are going to occur as a direct result from global warming and rising sea tides.

"north shore waves"

North shore waves hitting the Rocky point shoreline erosion. Don’t worry the waves are still all there.

A portion of the bike path has been undermined and eroded away at Sunset Beach. It is only a matter of time before more of the highway road gets taken and given to the ocean on the next solid swell. A consistent force known as Nature is destined to alter some of our North Shore beaches this winter. I wonder whats going to happen when a Waimea Bay day size swell hits the North shore which is registering in at 25foot plus? Traffic will come to a stand still if the waves go over the road at Sunset Beach. The shoreline, to the beach, to the highway are technically only a few car lengths away from the power of the ocean surge. The funny little thing to note is, the North Shore is pretty resilient and the North Shore and it’s pristine North Shore beaches will find a way to work itself out.

"North shore swell"

Vertical beach, erosion at Rocky point

With the little sand that is left at Sunset Beach, paid bulldozers are borrowing and pushing that part of an already diminishing beach and pushing it all the way back to the edge of the beach at Kammie Land, in a vain attempt to bandaid the massive problem that is about to occur. I hope their beach front houses are going to be OK.

"Beach erosion"

Steps to nowhere. The beach is gone

On a interesting note

*it seems like all the sand has moved to Chun’s surf break. Apparently there is more sand there than ever scene?

*Did you know that Waimea Bay’s sand reached way out past the jump rock.

"North Shore"

Palm trees in the ocean this is only happening at a small pice of the north shore beaches

Before the1950s fishermen were allowed to camp in the cave that now lies underwater beneath the jump rock.

That all changed again when industrial sand mining began in Waimea for the purpose of creating beaches in WaikI-kI-, and constructing Ala Moana and Magic Island, which began in the mid-1950s, continuing until the early 1960s. Over 200,000 tons of sand was removed, deepening the bay considerably. Is the surfing phenomenon known as Waimea Bay really a man made wave? Fred Van Dyke once mentioned that he felt there was a correlation between the removal of sand and the momentous pioneering morning in 1957 on which he and his friends decided to challenge the Waimea surf.

"rocky point beach"

This is only happening at a small pice of the north shore beaches


More of this will be happening in the future when more house debris falls into the ocean.


My question is who is responsible for large debris  when it falls into the ocean.

So is climate change real? yes ! The North shore beaches are a testimony to what the future holds.

"beach erosion north shore"

Beach access denied rock point still lives

"North shore swell"

Vertical beach, erosion at Rocky point

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"East side erosion"

East side erosion

"ocean levels rising"

ocean levels rising on the eastside

"climate change proof"

climate change is real

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