Mermaid Professional Appearances

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Professional Mermaid Appearances

Add a real life professional enchanting mermaid to your next event. Mermaid appearances are a great way to bring attention to your business or corporate  event, party or location. People will not forget. Our highly trained mermaids can even surf into your party being the worlds only mermaids that surf. This is quite a spectacular and an unforgettable way to wow your guests.

Whether you’re hosting an elegant masquerade, enjoying a Hawaiian luau or doing something completely different Surprise your guests with a trio of sirens , handing out drinks or greeting new arrivals; no-one can resist the opportunity to be photographed with real-life mermaids. Book today

we were even featured in the Huffington Post.

Mermaid video

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"professional mermaid"

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Mermaid for hire

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"mermaid for hire"

Professional mermaids for hire

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"professional mermaid"

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