Lifeguards keep us safe

Lifeguards keep us safe


Waikiki a place that can’t go without the best ocean safety


The Maui County Council Budget and Finance Committee has deferred the measure (BF-6) to approve the pay increases and other cost items of the Unit 14 (lifeguard unit) arbitration decision for Maui County Ocean Safety Officers. This action by the Maui County Council could jeopardize the pay raises awarded in arbitration for ALL LIFEGUARDS STATEWIDE! Please contact Maui County Council Budget and Finance Committee Chair Riki Hokama immediately and urge him to schedule and support the funding of the Unit 14 lifeguard arbitration decision.

Mahalo for your support!!! Here is his contact information:

Councilmember Riki Hokama

Chair, Budget and Finance Committee

Maui County Council (808) 270-7768

Please show your support. Here is an example of why lifeguards are so important. This is my letter to this particular council member, who is absolutely hindering a very good thing. Hopefully he has the decency to read it.

Hawai’i is one of the few states in our nation where tourism is number one and everyone goes to the beach. The state of Hawai’i heavily  promotes beach activity as the number one thing to do here for tourists and residents alike.

On a daily basis, lifeguards rescue hundreds of more people a day and even better; do an amazing job of preventative rescues more then most of the Fire Department’s located here in the island state and they do this every single day of the year. It is a basic fact that ocean life guards save more life’s in the State of Hawaii than any fireman does. Because our lifeguards do such an amazing job of preventative lifeguarding (meaning they address, make aware or plainly, just stop the actions of certain uninformed individuals before a situation can even escalate into the level of danger or death.), but because of this fact, the heads of department don’t get to see the statistics for them to justify a pay increase. To paint a word picture for you, if Firemen were to utilize preventative fire fighting, they would have to place a firemen in every single house hold just to prevent someone from putting a fork in the toaster, or even doing daily checks through every citizens house hold to make sure the residence weren’t over loading their extension cords and circuit boards. Lifeguards should should be rewarded greatly for the amazing job they do on prevention. Not only do Lifeguards save lives, but they also selflessly risk their life in the process. Much in the way that policemen or firemen do.

My husband and many many others wouldn’t be here today without the help of these wonderful people. This picture of my husbands head is a very brutal but honest testimony to how important and vital their job is.

"Waimea lifeguard tower"

Waimea lifeguard tower.

With vacation rentals taking over and  the price of rent skyrocketing, how do you expect them to go and do their job 100% when they are probably working three jobs to make ends meet. It is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing. How would you feel if someone told you rent is going up and that you’re also not going to be rewarded for what you deserve. It is by far one of the most important jobs in the state of Hawai’i. They are the first line of defense for ocean safety here… Not the State or Tourist Bureau… and Lifegaurds are also the first  people that tourists get in contact with and ask important safety questions. (in regards to Ocean safety )

The state is basically saying that they don’t care about the safety of human beings.

The sad consequence of negligence is that  much more people will die or be seriously injured and in reality… All this blood will be on the Hawai’i State governments hands. Show that you care about your fellow human beings and give the State of Hawaii Ocean Safety Officers the raise that they are so long over due for.

Thank you to whom ever may be listening \m/ because Lifeguards really do keep us safe.

"lifeguards on patrol"

Busy day on the North shore with massive waves

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"Hawaii lifeguards"

Lifeguards on duty

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Lifeguards keep us safe




Lifeguards keep us safe











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