Kahuku Farms

Kahuku Farms is definitely one of my favorite places to eat and by far one of the most healthiest cuisines around. They also pretty much grow everything at, and around their facility and make their delightful foods from scratch. From Farm, right to table I guess you could say.

They have just launched a service learning Program.
Here are a few quick details.
Learn about growing food without the use of chemicals. A big part of Organic agriculture is weed control. There are many competitive plants that interfere with us growing food.

Help them remove these plants that are pests and get a free smoothie.

Every Sunday 9:45am-11:00am

Check in at Kahuku Farms Cafe

*Activities are weather permitting

Space is limited

Call Kahuku Farms at (808) 628-0639

you can email them at reservations@kahukufarms.com

to reserve your spot

Suggestions and tips :

We suggest that participants wear covered shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring sunscreen bug spray and a hat that provides good coverage to keep cool. Feel free to bring your work gloves.

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