Halloween songs to rock out to

Halloween songs to rock out to

Here at Oahu Surfing Experience, we love to have a great time.

Mermaid surfing

mermaid surfing

Some times, these great time shenanigans include surfing in costume. Question is, are you gonna surf in a costume this week? Any hew, whatever floats your boat…

but here are some rocking tunes to jam out to in between surf sessions this halloween.

You can bet that the Halloween songs to rock out to list we’re giving you, will liven up your  2015 Halloween day.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a resident or visiting the north shore area, a cover band and live mermaid dancers will be jamming live covers of all these songs;

"Halloween fun"

Halloween songs to rock out to

– When:  this Saturday October 31, 20015

Where: in Wailua, at Jerry’s Pizza.

What time: 8:30pm’ish

Who: Good kine musicians and mermaid dancers/ Live music (that includes Halloween songs to rock out to )

Why: Cause we can, and we like have good kine fun dis halloween… Why else???

This music set of Halloween songs to rock out to is for all to come and enjoy, family friendly and it’s absolutely free… so what are you gonna do about it?

"Halloween songs"

Halloween songs to rock out to

 Classic Halloween Songs

Black Magic Woman


Werewolves of London

Lil’ Red Riding Hood

The Monster Mash

Goo Goo Muck


Light My Fire


Stuck in the Middle with You Middle with You



Fortune Teller

Get Lucky

Blurred Lines

All About That Bass

Uptown Funk


We at  OahuSurfingExperience teach the most quality surfing lessons that surfing has to offer. If your a lady or a little girl and surfing doesn’t necessarily captivate you; we also offer a unique and exclusive mermaid model shoot that will absolutely intrigue the ladies and as well, give them memories that will last a life time. Keep in mind however, we absolutely are surfers at heart. So if we are not running a surf lesson or conducting a mermaid photo shoot,we more then likely will be out in the surf, tapping in to some valuable, “me time”. Because of this very reason, we strongly suggest that you book in advance with us, but it will be absolutely worth your commitment. Book now for your one of a kind opportunity and you will guaranteed walk away with skills and ocean safety knowledge that will last you a life time.

"mermaids and fire dancing"

fire dancing and mermaids

"Mermaid entertainer"

mermaid madness

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