Golden hour at backdoor

Backdoor Golden hour

This is an artistic, evening surf session Tamayo captured  and edited from Backdoor/Pipeline. Out at Backdoor, mermaids haunt the caves below and usual suspect Jamie O’brien uses the FORCE and fights his way through deep, dark tube rides using his light saber. By the way, speaking of light sabre’s and using the Force…  is any one else excited to see the new stars wars movie. Here at OSE we can’t wait!

By the way…  if you plan to make a day trip out to the north shore, don’t forget that you can get surf lessons or stand up paddle lessons or if surfing doesn’t interest you ladies, become a mermaid  with Oahu Surfing Experience. Keep in mind we know some great small wave spots that are away from the big waves, for you to feel safe. (808) 497-7109

"mermaids photoshoot"

Mermaids rock

"Pipeline surfing lessons"

Pipeline at sunset

"backdoor surf"

Jamie O’brien at backdoor

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