ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

"Girl Barrel"

The girls getting Shacked

I think it’s fair to say, that this years ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience was a complete success. The Eastern Surfing Association All-Star Team has just had and finished their yearly pilgrimage to the north shore and with some genuine, loving help from their surfing instructor Tamayo Perry, the kids absolutely stepped up their game and CHARGED. Leading up to their trip to the north shore of O’ahu, I can only imagine what was going through each and every team members mind as they were signing up to go to Hawai’i during what was to be forecasted as the biggest El Nino year in the past 15 years. With ginormous surf predicted to be on tap, the ESA Team surely weren’t  going to be riding their short boards for most of the trip.

I mean, barely a month prior to the team jumping on a plane and coming over here, we had two back to back monster swells that hit our little island chain. One of the swells was so huge that it was in evitable that the Eddie Aikau Big Wave competition had to be held.   It must have been an odd mixture of uneasy nerves and utter excitement during the long plane ride from the East coast to O’ahu. Especially if they had happened to glance at the weekly wave and weather forecast prior to jumping on the big bird in the sky, which I am quite sure most of them did. At this particular time, the wave forecast had it predicted, for there to be swell after gigantic swell.

"ESA girls"

ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

To make a long story short, they did it! Every single member of this years team went psycho!

These kids made us extremely proud, especially when it came down to crunch time. The bottom line and the key to their success, was the simple fact, that they trusted and listened extremely well to their coach Tamayo Perry.

Tamayo showed them the Sunset Beach line-up and explained to them in detail, the dangers and intricacies of how to stay safe, how to wait your turn and most importantly, how to pick and choose the best possible waves that come through at this particular surfing location. Coach Tamato also encouraged the team to believe in them selves and to give it a go. With the presentation of this basic philosophy, the team was completely surprised on what they were able to accomplish.


ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

Did I mention, these kids made us proud. Every single one of them stepped out of their comfort zone and absolutely went BIG. They listened, stayed safe and absorbed extremely valuable knowledge that they will be able to take with them and use during any kind of future big wave endeavor that may present itself. A must mention and a huge shout out goes to everyone that did so much to put this camp together. You Den Mother’s, mentors and all you collaborators were the backbone of this operation. With out the folks behind the scene, none of this would have been possible. I will so boldly declare, that the ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience was big wave education at it’s finest and for each and every student, it was knowledge well gained.

Below are a couple of short videos of all of the team ripping and charging during one of our training sessions with them.

"sunset beach"

ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience with Tamayo Perry

The 2016 Eastern Surfing Association All-Star Team scored big time on their annual training trip to Hawaii. Click for more photos and insight from photographer Mickey McCarthy and All-Star Team member Jordan Montgomery (surf team member and partially recruited photographer).

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Below are two short movies of there Oahu surfing Experience


"Charging kids"

ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

"ESA hawaii"

Jordan and the ESA All Stars Hawaii Experience

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