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I was born and raised in Western Australia where I competed as a professional bodyboarder. Most people don’t realize that the ocean waters off the coast of Western Australia are as equally treacherous and formidable as the ocean waters off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. This is where my foundation began. When I was 18 years old, I came to Hawaii for a competition and met Tamayo while bodyboarding out at Pipeline.

"Emilia Perry surf instructor"

Emilia Perry on a late drop at Pipeline.  pic: Vince Cavataio.

A few years later, I picked up a surfboard, we got married and there was no turning back. As Tamayo fined tuned my skills, I became good enough to land a paid contract deal with one of the major brands in surf clothing. Ever since, I’ve been competing at Pipeline in any and every contest that has a women’s division available; whether it’s surfing, longboarding, bodyboarding or bodysurfing. The vast amounts of ocean knowledge that Tamayo has ingrained in me over the years is priceless. The knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years has given me a tremendous amount of confidence in any body of water any where in the world. This knowledge has also helped me a great deal in competition, allowing me to place in the semi-finals of every surfing discipline. Whilst being a professional surfer, I have also had the privlage of working as a stunt-women in such feature films as ‘Battleship’, ‘Soul Surfer’, the t.v. series ‘Lost’ and most recently ‘Hawaii Five-0’. Mahalo Emilia and Tamayo About Tamayo Perry

surfing lesson instructor

Emilia Perry, your north shore surfing lesson Instructor.        pic: Moses Slovatizki

surfing tahiti

Emilia Perry surfing Teahupoo, Tahiti. Charging!                   pic: Bruno Lemos

Professional surfing OP

Op Team Rider : Emilia Perry  Op AD campaign


things to do on oahu in the sun

Emilia perry having fun in the sun on the beautiful north shore of Oahu. Cruising it with style.           pic: Tamayo Perry

national geographic northshore

National Geographic (special edition); Oahu’s north shore. The seven mile miracle. One of the wonders of the world.

national geographic wonder of the world special edition

National Geographic (special edition) “EARTH’S MOST AWESOME PLACES.” Emilia Perry did a photo shoot pertaining to our 7 mile miracle of waves.   pic: Sean Davey

lost t.v. show

Emilia Perry, stunt double for Emilie de raven on the set of the hit TV show “Lost”.

Surfing the women's pipe contest

Surfing on Oahu’s, north shore. Competing at ” The Pipeline Women’s Pro”. Emilia is one of the only 2 females ever to have  competed in all three divisions. Short Board, Long Board and Body Board…  It is also worthy to note that she has placed in at least the semi-finals of all three divisions as well.

"Female surfing instructor hawaii"

Emilia Perry charging on a bodyboard in the heavy barrels of Western Australia.

Longboard, SUP, stand up paddle, travel, Tahiti, Teahupoo

Emilia scores the cover of Pacific Longboarder Magazine at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Tandem surfing with Tahitian legend Vetea David.

under water mermaid, under water photography, activities in oahu, hawaii surf lessons

Emilia Perry body surfing her way on to the contents page of HEAVYWATER Magazine.   pic: Allen Mozo

Little Mermaid, real life mermaid in Hawaii

Our little mermaid. No…sorry kids, it’s not Ariel. She’s better, because this mermaid can teach you how to surf.  pic: Island Style Images

Hollywood in Hawaii, stunt work for the Universal Picture film Battleship

Stunt swimmer in the Universal Picture’s film, ‘Battleship’.

Surfing Sunset Beach, north shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

Sunset Beach surfing on the island of O`ahu. Emilia’s quite comfortable in any size surf.                              pic:

modeling at kawela bay, beautiful Hawaii

Editorial photo shoot for FOAM Magazine.   pic: Leb Orloff

camera board, pov, surf lessons on oahu, oahu surfing lessons, things to do on oahu.

Your north shore surf instructor…teaching you how it’s done. pic: Erick Ipple

sightings of endangered sea turtles, activities in oahu, oahu's north shore

A mermaids life within the Hawaiian sea.
Emilia and her endagered friend, the sea turtle.   pic: island style images

female surf instructor, women in surfing

Emilia lands the Girlosophy Calendar Cover… Girlosophy is a series of books aimed at strengthening and empowering women.

"Soul surfer"

Stunt double in “Soul Surfer” for Helen Hunt

"Hawaii five O"

Hawaii five O Season 4 episode 20 . Sasha Pieterse surfing double.

Longboard, bodyboard and shortboard.


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