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You could smell the sea salt in the air that day; the energy was like no other. As the morning light dawned on the waves at Waimea, even an uneducated, non-surf layman could gather that the waves were already really Big and steadily growing in ferocity. In reality, I think that it was more surprise to many that The Eddie Aikau Invitational actually went this year.

Obviously not for the lack of size in waves, but rather from the visual monstrosity of how it looked at first light. It was Huge and only forecasted to get potentially Bigger. Yep! I think cancelation was on everyone’s mind? I mean, the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau hadn’t been run since Greg Long won the event just over 6 years ago. Oh, and by the way, Greg Long has just been crowned World Champion of the Big Wave World Tour. I believe it was in two-thousand and nine, and really, there hasn’t been an Eddie Aikau event ever since. Until now, Thursday 25th, January 2016, and the swell and competition, were amazing!!! The real and brutal power of Waimea Bay at this size was so good to watch and feel. The aura of the day was truly palpable. At one point early on in the event, 3 to 5 Jet skis from water safety rushed in towards shore intentionally beaching themselves in an effort to escape from a giant close-out set that was plainly hunting humans. The craziest thing about that particular close-out set wave, was the fact that two competitors whipped around and actually had the audacity to catch such a brute. Well, the two surfers were none other than the likes of Shane Dorian in the front and Jamie O’brien in the back part of the wave.

Then there was Clyde Aikau, who absolutely stole the show. At a well distinguished 66 going on 67 Clyde went completely Nuts! He took horrific wipeouts and packed a couple of mega-bombs that would make most mortal men tremble in fear. Bradah Clyde Aikau put on a timeless show for the generations and in so doing, would have made his Big Brother Eddie proud. Clyde had previously announced leading up to the event, that if it ran this year, it was to be his last showing. The waves he got were mesmerizing and he didn’t hold back for a second. Clyde put on an iconic finale showing at this big wave event that pays the ultimate tribute to his brother Eddie Aikau. Fittingly, Clyde received standing ovation’s before, during and after every heat. Everyone was absolutely behind and for this 66 year old, larger than life Rock Star. It was the biggest waves ever ridden in the event’s 31-year history.

So here it is… the much anticipated, Eddie went picture blog for your viewing entertainment. I must say; what a show the infamous Waimea Bay put on that day. Worthy note to mention, is that not only did this crazy event celebrate the legend of Eddie Aikau, but this rather extremely XXL Large swell that smashed through the islands was also coined the Brock little swell. This was in reference and in recent memory aimed toward a universally loved and extremely well respected fallen big wave hero, Brock little. He lost a short battle with cancer a few days prior to the running of this event. Heroes and legends will be missed but never forgotten.
click here are the 2016 Eddie Aikau results congratulations John John Florence on winning this great event.

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