Easter on the north shore

Easter on the north shore

Here in the tiny Hawaiian Island chain, you can find just about every religion known to mankind. We are completely surrounded by the sea and it’s constant display of chaotic energy. The astounding consistency of extremely large waves that relentlessly batter our shores can easily lure the unsuspecting towards acknowledging a higher power. You can find even the most devout of atheistic surfers turning towards God here in these vast and unruly Pacific waters.

"Easter on the north shore"

moon at the sunrise service

I’ve never been an atheist. To be honest, I’ve always been a Jesus loving individual, but I can tell you without a doubt, that spending my whole life surfing, indulging and surviving in these Hawaiian waters, my trust and relationship with the Good Lord has grown in leaps and bounds.

moon and palm trees

moon and palm trees

I like to give respect and thank my Lord and Savior for protecting me and keeping me safe from surfing a hectic winter season here on the north shore. Easter on the north shore is my favorite time of the year and one of my favorite ways in acknowledging God for His abundant provision and safe passage through life. What i’m alluding to, is I Love to attend the Easter Sunrise Service that is put on by the North Shore Christian Fellowship over in Haleiwa, Alii Beach Park. It is spiritually awakening and all-around amazing and completely filled with the Spirit of the Risen Lord. It is most definitely a Christian service that is scripture based. It is non-denominational, and nonjudgmental, but yet not compromising, and the positive message that is generally delivered on this most Holiest of days is filled with Love, Mercy and Hope.

"Easter in Hawaii"

Rock art this takes years to do

The schedule of services over the next three days is listed below with Easter, as usual, falling early, 6:30am on Sunday morning. For those of you who can’t get up that early on a Sunday, or just want to double up on the Sunday dose of goodness like we tend to do, then our sister church known as The Mission holds their service at 9:00am over on the field of Sunset Elementary School. Both are amazing, God filled services and it would be absolutely awesome if you could come and join us. I forgot to mention the other very attractive feature of the morning that benefits the folks with little ones; the Sunrise service has child care and a famous Christian illusionist to entertain your kids 🙂

"Things to do over easter"

sunsets over Easter

So there you have it! Easter on the north shore … Don’t be a square and we will see you there! The Easter Sunday services are listed below:

* North Shore Christian Fellowship (NSCF)

  • Good Friday Service / Friday Night 3/25/2016- 7:00pm

(Service, Worship and Communion… and they will have a kids tent that night as well…)

  • “Worship the King”

Saturday Night 3/26/2016- 7:00pm

(Worship and Encouragement)

  • Easter SONrise

Sunday Morning 3/27/2016- 6:30am

(Service and Worship)

For the kids, illusionist Mike Villoria (look for the kids tent)

Note: FREE shuttle service from Kaiaka Park to Haleiwa, Alii Beach Park

* The  Mission Church

  • Sunday March 27th, 2016 at 9:00am

In the field in front of Sunset Beach Elementary School (across from Ehukai Beach Park)

Address: Sunset Beach Elementary School

59-360 Kamehameha Highway

Haleiwa, Hi.  96712

"Easter in Hawaii"

enjoy the sun

Easter on the north shore

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Easter on the north shore

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