Wave carnage in Hawaii

Check out the recent wave carnage in Hawaii. Some are saying it was the biggest swell in 18 years. Was it ?? No one really knows, but what we do know, is that there was some real damage going down on the North Shore. The surf was absolutely dangerous, with wave heights reaching up to 50 feet. This display of nature at her rawest, had the ocean washing over roads, flooding beach parks, the angry sea threatened at least 1 home, kept lifeguards frantically busy and prompted the closure of a large section of Kamehameha Highway on Oahu’s North Shore. Also, the toilet blocks at Waimea evidently had so much ocean over-flow that apparently sewage was seeping out into the Bay.

Because of the high surf, the state Department of Transportation closed the highway at 2 p.m. in both directions from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay just to be safe rather then sorry and reopened the road at about 6 p.m., when the high tide and surf subsided. This has never happened since, well, since whenever.

My question is, if the swell that is coming tomorrow is supposed to be bigger then yesterday’s swell, and they call the Eddie Aikau competition on… Is the DOT gonna close the road down again? There is going to be so much commuters and traffic. Will they try and close the road again?

Is that even possible, when people most definitely will be camping out the night before. One of my concerns from the last Eddie false alarm, was that people were setting up on the beach and on the cliff side, getting ready to watch the Eddie at all costs. If the waves actually came up that big then, they could have been swept out to sea in the middle of the night not even realizing how dangerous the scenario really could be. I guess only time will tell. Stay posted for the most current Eddie Aikau red light, yellow light, green light alert and cross your fingers that mother nature cooperates this Thursday.

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