North shore happenings february 2016

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North shore happenings february 2016 is written and updated as of Thursday 2/18/2016

at 11:00am.

So you wanna know what’s going on in the islands?

Well, the Eddie came and went and in reality, didn’t even really go. Mother Nature, as usual, won the day and absolutely confounded weather forecasters throughout the surfing world. The Eddie Aikau holding period will soon be drawing to a close… February 29th to be exact; which means that most likely and once again, this elusive event may not take place this season. Bottom line is, as accurate as weather forecasting has become, forecasting is still no match for the unpredictability of mother nature.

The positive note out here in the country, is that the waves during the month of January and the first few weeks of February have been Pure Gold, which translates to most awesome. The surf has been completely pumping with good conditions and big wave swell after big wave swell.

As of the last few days we have been sucked back into a nasty, northerly wind pattern with extremely stiff winds, rain and cold temperatures.

Looking at the future forecast, it appears as though this is a short weather trend which only has a couple of days left of these gale force winds to contest with. The only issue is, is that even though the winds lighten, they still maintain a fairly northerly flow.

The future 4 day forecast looks like the rest of this El Nino season, bizarre and unpredictable. It really is only a matter of a glassy rain squall and a reverse direction of wind to get the good times rolling and then the normal, steady stream of surfers will be drifting back our way. We can only wait and see. No matter what the crystal ball says, it will always ultimately be up to mother nature to dictate what the day will hold. The reality is, any thing over a 4 day prediction can become completely inaccurate.

Just like how they tried to predict the Eddie a week in advanced, calling it on and then calling it off. I have never scene any thing like that before. People flew in form all corners of the globe to watch the Eddie, which can be held in direct comparison to the likes of the grand Super Bowl. Competitors dropped Big money and virtually everything to fly to Hawai`i, on a whim. Well… we all now know the end result.

Funny thing is, is that around ten days before all this hype, there was a giant swell that hit the north shore of O`ahu focusing beautifully towards Waimea Bay. There were plenty of Big waves on tap that lasted the whole day. Our theory is, is that this super swell was the perfect Eddie swell. The swell literally lasted for two days; the waves were huge and it completely fit the Eddie style criteria.

Instead of running the event then, it was as if divine intervention took it’s course and stepped in so that Kelly Slater (who would have been competing) could save a mother and a baby from getting sucked out to sea. Why the Eddie didn’t run will remain a mystery to me. No one really knows. But some people are saying that the hype from that swell pressured Quicksilver (who is going broke) into calling the event on. But as we all know to well, Mother Nature always is a tricky one, and it was just too small that day, leaving a record breaking attendance of viewers (estimated over 20,000 people that day) stranded on the beach with nothing to watch. We would all love the Eddie to go, but I can honestly say that, I’m glad the hype is over. Now, hopefully less traffic and more time to surf. Go enjoy the ride:)

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