“I grew up in the interior of Canada, so I wasn’t very familiar with the ocean. In fact I never saw it until I was 19 and it terrified me. I decided that now in my 30s I’d tackle my fear. Emilia took me out and told me everything there was so I could stay safe in the water. I learned about waves, currents and most of all what to do if I got into trouble. She made me feel comfortable and always was watching over me. Ive gone out with her numerous times now and I can finally say Im not scared anymore!!! Obviously I have a HUGE respect for the ocean still but I’m finally seeing it as a place of fun rather than fear. She was the best teacher I could have asked for!”
Carol Shy

From Canada

“The Perrys guys got me surfing (up on the board at least) so that alone merits five stars. Cool friendly professional family atmosphere. They definitely know there stuff about surfing, the local breaks and how to instruct. Great attitude & patience as well. Definitely returning soon.

I had a wonderful time taking the beginner’s 2 hour lesson from Tamayo.It starts with some basic exercises on the surfboard and then when you are in the sea its totally about balance. Tamayo gave some good tips on how to stand up on the board. I highly recommend Oahu Surfing Experience”

Jake S

From California

“Tamayo and Emilia provided me with knowledge about the ocean’s swell and went over some of the basics on land prior to paddling out. That information helped me to feel more comfortable in the water, I knew what to expect and how to handle the board before paddling out. While in the water neither left my side and they were able to give me simple, yet explicit, instructions to assure I caught waves and, most of all, had fun. It was the most fun I have ever had in the water, I can’t wait to go again!”

From New York

“I have been wanting to paddle board for some time, but never had the time or guts to do it.
Tamayo and Emilia made it look so easy and they totally made me feel confident that i could do this.
 If you want a one on one support Tamayo is your guy…he has the patience and passion for the sport.”
Anthony J

From Oakland

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