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Tamayo Perry

I was born and raised here on O’ahu in a small country town just east of the North Shore. I’ve been surfing professionally for over 15 years and surfing the world’s deadliest wave is what I got paid for (Pipeline). In 1999, I was launched on to the world stage when winning the prestigious Pipeline Master trials. This allowed me a spot in the main event where I was able to upset the #1 World Title Contender, show casing my skills in some of the biggest, rawest wave conditions the Pipe Masters competition has ever seen.
Now proving that this small time island boy can bang it out with the worlds best, a Teahupoo, Tahiti Trials invitation followed soon after. This was my introduction to the world’s second most infamous wave (Teahupoo). Talk about being thrown into the frying pan…on a scale of 1 to 10 it was HUGE and the waves demanded 110% focus, commitment and respect.

Pipeline is one of the most heaviest and technically challenging waves in the world. Tamayo Perry on a wave that is just about as BIG and technical as 1st reef Pipe can handle.

Being the waterman I strive to be, I keenly observed a solution that allowed me to tackle these waves of such immense magnitude and make it to the finals of yet another event. I had the late, great Andy Irons, the then 6 time World Champion Kelly Slater, Vetea David (the Tahitian king of Teahupoo), and myself, in what the industry marketed as a Super Final. I fought hard and proud but lost on name sake alone. As a devoted waterman, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, not only from what I’ve accomplished, but also from what I’ve suffered. A number of years ago while surfing Pipeline on the Extra Large size, I was involved in a freak accident that turned into a near-fatal experience.

The incident happened all because of someone elses lack of awareness. The lessons I’ve taken from that event have inspired me to my goal of instilling proper surf etiquette and safety into those whom I teach. Besides surfing, another huge passion of mine is acting. I can be seen on movies such as Charlie’s Angels 2, Blue Crush, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4, as well as on the hit T.V. shows Lost and Hawaii Five-0. I have also landed national/international add campaigns for Nissan Xterra -which aired during the NFL playoffs and Winter Olympics, and appeared on a Coke-a- Cola Commercial. When I’m not acting, I’m still quite a character, so there’s always a ton of fun to be had.

Mahalo Emilia and Tamayo
About Emilia Perry

8 year old Tamayo Perry dreaming into the future.

Hawaii Five- 0, season 1 episode 15- Kai e`e… Tamayo Perry in his bad guy role as, ‘Spike’ a.k.a ‘Harrison Dunphy’. Dishonorably discharged US Coast Guard officer.

Tamayo scores the cover of the US published magazine, ‘Transworld Surf Business’.

Tamayo receives the honors of being on the 2004 SURFER Magazine Calendar cover. An honor that last about 6 months on news stands and in book stores.

Tamayo Perry in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides . On location in Hawaii. “I even got paid to go to pirate school to learn how to be a pirate.”

Tamayo represents the month of April in the US pulished, ‘SURFING Magazine Calendar’.

Tamayo at Pipeline, on the cover of the US published magazine, ‘Freesurf’.

To be awarded the cover of ‘The Surfer’s Journal’ is a very difficult goal to achieve. Tamayo checks one off his bucket list.

'SURFING MAGAZINE’ is one of two of the world’s most coveted periodicals a surfer can grace the cover of. This result is a combination of hard work and blessings from above.

Tamayo lands the cover of Australia’s, ‘Waves’ Magazine. Photo:ScottAichner

Tamayo at Teahupoo, Tahiti… on the cover of the Brazilian Magazine, ‘FLUIR’

Check out Tamayo’s cameo role in the first 5 minutes of Universal Pictures film, ‘Blue Crush’.

Oahu Surfing Experience with our 3 students; for the national television and internet program called, ‘Clean Break’. presented by Schick

Oahu Surfing Experience in the early phase of developing our dynasty. A segment on what we teach was aired on the National T.V. program called, ‘Clean Break’.

Tamayo embracing his beloved Pipeline on the cover of the French Magazine, ‘SURF SESSION’.

Surfers will patiently wait for hours, and even more to find just one jewel amongst all the crazy Pipeline chaos. Tamayo showing how good things come to those who wait. Wave of the Day!

Tamayo the dirty pirate working on the set of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’. Shot on location in Hawaii. “I even got paid to go to pirate school to learn how to be a pirate.”

Surfing Stunts in Warner Brothers motion picture, ‘Big Bounce’ . Tamayo having fun working on the movie with Willie Nelson , Owen Wilson, Kris Kristofferson, Kelly Slater and Brian Keaulana.

T.V. series ‘LOST’, Spanish Prisoner. Tamayo Perry acting in his role as a spanish prisoner.

Tamayo acting on the set of, Universal Picture’s, ‘Blue Crush’. Showering down in between takes.

Tamayo Perry Winning the Pipeline Masters Trials.

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