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Swim with the mermaids

Swim with the mermaids SATURDAY, APRIL 21 11:30AM – 1:30PM Come and swim with the Mermaids at Wet’n’Wild Mermaids are iconic, […]

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Hula in Hawaii

Hula in Hawaii Hula in Hawaii is cultural heritage and is a Polynesian dance form. When accompanied by Hawaiian chanting, […]

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Hibiscus in Hawaii

Hibiscus in Hawaii Hibiscus in Hawaii are everywhere. Littering most of the Hawaiian Islands with their amazing splashes of vibrant […]

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Haleiwa Christmas parade 2017

Haleiwa Christmas parade 2017 Yes its that time of year again when the Christmas cheer is buzzing in the air.The Haleiwa […]

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Waialua surf shop Hawaii

Waialua surf shop Hawaii One of the best things about Hawaii is it’s classic character. This catchy character is derived […]

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Queen of the bay

Queen of the Bay The waiting period for the first ever ” Queen of the Bay ” Women’s Waimea Bay […]

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Fishing at Waimea

Fishing at Waimea   Fishing at Waimea. Fishing Tails: A Short story series by me. Here is a new blog called fishing […]

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Mermaid Experience

Mermaid Experience She was a dreamer. Believed in miracles and in love. Haunted by a distant thought, that is led […]

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North Shore beaches

North Shore beaches Some North Shore beaches are in trouble and some people don’t believe in climate change, But How […]

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Teds Bakery and north shore art

Teds Bakery and north shore art Teds Bakery and north shore art have come together. Teds bakery has had a […]

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