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Fishing at Waimea

Fishing at Waimea   Fishing at Waimea. Fishing Tails: A Short story series by me. Here is a new blog called fishing […]

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North Shore beaches

North Shore beaches Some North Shore beaches are in trouble and some people don’t believe in climate change, But How […]

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best surf lessons around

Best surf lessons around We are the best surf lessons around ! Why, you may ask are we the best […]

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Tamayo Perrys top 6

Tamayo Perrys top 6 Tamayo Perry had the pleasure of getting interviewed by The Surfers View. The opportunity arose when […]

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five great surf snacks

five great surf snacks Listed below are five great surf snack Ideas to power you up and get you back […]

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia The Hawai`i New Year has just officially kicked off with a bang. Especially considering that […]

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Surf hair

Surf hair Hello ladies and gentleman. Listen up! This may be some very, very, hairy, useful information. This is especially […]

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Surviving a wipeout

Surviving a wipeout No matter what level you surf at, we all wipe out. Sometimes it can be like America’s […]

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Golden hour at backdoor

Backdoor Golden hour This is an artistic, evening surf session Tamayo captured  and edited from Backdoor/Pipeline. Out at Backdoor, mermaids […]

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Activities in Oahu, best Surf Camp

Taking surf lessons with Oahu Surfing Experience is one of the best activities in Oahu. These are two young sisters […]

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