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Queen of the bay

Queen of the Bay The waiting period for the first ever ” Queen of the Bay ” Women’s Waimea Bay […]

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Fishing at Waimea

Fishing at Waimea   Fishing at Waimea. Fishing Tails: A Short story series by me. Here is a new blog called fishing […]

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North Shore beaches

North Shore beaches Some North Shore beaches are in trouble and some people don’t believe in climate change, But How […]

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Teds Bakery and north shore art

Teds Bakery and north shore art Teds Bakery and north shore art have come together. Teds bakery has had a […]

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summertime fun in Hawaii

  summertime fun in Hawaii Summer is upon us and if summertime fun in Hawaii and fun in the sun […]

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Best recommended surf lessons

 Best recommended surf lessons First thing to do when you get to the North Shore: one of  the Best recommended surf […]

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Easter on the north shore

Easter on the north shore Here in the tiny Hawaiian Island chain, you can find just about every religion known […]

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five great surf snacks

five great surf snacks Listed below are five great surf snack Ideas to power you up and get you back […]

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Waimea Bay on Oahu

Waimea Bay on Oahu The best way to sum up or to describe Waimea Bay on Oahu is, that it’s […]

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Eddie went picture blog

Eddie went picture blog You could smell the sea salt in the air that day; the energy was like no […]

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