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Sunset Beach Trees

Sunset Beach Trees This article below about Sunset Beach Trees  was posted the night before. People are really sad and […]

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Mermaid Experience

Mermaid Experience She was a dreamer. Believed in miracles and in love. Haunted by a distant thought, that is led […]

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summertime fun in Hawaii

  summertime fun in Hawaii Summer is upon us and if summertime fun in Hawaii and fun in the sun […]

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Hawaii Junior Lifeguard

Hawaii Junior Lifeguard The Hawaii Junior Lifeguard program is an exciting and fun way to spend the summer. The Junior […]

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Great surf lessons

Great surf lessons Oh my goodness, Tamayo, Emilia and the crew  were wonderful and they teach such Great surf lessons. […]

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Easter on the north shore

Easter on the north shore Here in the tiny Hawaiian Island chain, you can find just about every religion known […]

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five great surf snacks

five great surf snacks Listed below are five great surf snack Ideas to power you up and get you back […]

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Dehydration and Surfing

Dehydration and Surfing You may not know it now, but as surfers we sweat in the water. What people really […]

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia The Hawai`i New Year has just officially kicked off with a bang. Especially considering that […]

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winter is here

winter is here   Let it be known, “ winter is here “, has become quite a popular hash tag […]

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