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summertime fun in Hawaii

  summertime fun in Hawaii Summer is upon us and if summertime fun in Hawaii and fun in the sun […]

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wave carnage in Hawaii

wave carnage in Hawaii Check out the recent wave carnage in Hawaii. Some are saying it was the biggest swell […]

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Saving the Hawiian duck

Saving the Hawiian duck Tamayo and I Saved this guy from drowning in the ocean amongst heavy seas. He got […]

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia

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Tamayo Perry and The Inertia The Hawai`i New Year has just officially kicked off with a bang. Especially considering that […]

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strap your surfboard dummy

strap your surfboard dummy Part 3 So after we veraciously finished our delicious and ever so filling poke bowl, we […]

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Five stretches to do before you surf

Five stretches to do before you surf The inevitable doesn’t have to be looming. It actually can be prolonged gracefully. […]

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why we love mermaids

why we love mermaids There are so many reasons why we love mermaids . If you haven’t already noticed; when […]

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Easy surf food

Easy surf food Eager for a quick turn-around session. Don’t want to spend all your valuable time in the kitchen, […]

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Waimea shore pound

Waimea shore pound Waimea Bay holds so many different appearances of natural beauty. The thing that is most astonishing, is […]

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Mothers Day

Mothers Day Mothers Day is fast approaching. I am assuming you love your mama; right? So, if this is the […]

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