south shore VS north shore

The big wave winter season appears to be coming to an end here on the north shore of Oahu. Summer is right around the bend! It becomes noticeable through the long gaps between swells. It’s so noticeable you can visually see the ocean go placid during the gaps in-between. Yep, the ocean wave activity out here on the north shore is starting to unwind. Note: In case you happen to be a potential first time surfer reading this bloggery and wanna learn to surf on your next vacation trip over to Hawaii; HAVE NO FEAR! Even when it’s peak season for big waves here on the north shore, surf instructors like the team at Oahu Surfing Experience always have safer, smaller and calmer places to go and learn. Another worthy note is that even during the summer months, the north shore receives a beautiful wrap of small waves that is sent from around the other corners of the island giving you great waves for learning all year round. The summer months on the north shore of Oahu can be a much safer learning environment and an all around better surfing experience and this is for the sure fact that June, July and August can be the most busy months for migrating tourists to come to the south shores of Oahu. Thus creating dangerously, overcrowded lineups. Secondly, the dangers lie in the knowledge, that this is when the south shore coast can receive extremely big waves and in return this makes for extremely dangerous rip currents.

North Shore fun and great times pic Vince Street

In this bloggery of information, OSE has picked out some random pros and cons pertaining to the most famous 2 sides of our beautiful island… This is only a little rock of an island mind you. So go adventure! It only takes a few hours to circumnavigate the whole darn thing. However, be prepared for traffic what ever side of the island you’re on or plan to be on.

Circle island map

so here are the south shore VS north shore
pros and cons
South Shore (aka: town)

South shore views they are sure dreamy dreamy


# Big Waves in summer. This feature is definitely a pro, but most times its over hyped by our local new casts and you get excited for nothing.
# More activities and entertainment to do and choose from. Let’s face its the heart beat of Hawaii. Because of this, plan ahead, cause traffic sucks.
# Hand in hand with the above said, town’s night life has been known to rock… town’s lights at night are absolutely stunning.
# Diamond head crater is such a great location for a birds eye view of the south shore in its entirety. In fact, you can see from one end of the extreme south east all the way to the sun setting on the edge of the west. Along with this view to a kill, you get a nice little cardio and leg work out to get your blood flowing and heart healthy.

North shore keep the country country

# Too many people and too many ABC stores. In my opinion, it sucks when you go to buy a souvenir from Hawaii, only to find a made in china sticker on it. Please support local \m/
# Weather you are surfing or are learning to surf, it is soooo very crowded. Just as any coastal city with waves should be; except the water and air temperature are so very pleasant that it lures every one and any one into the water. Road blocks and speed bumps every where.
# Everything is geared towards tourists walking down the street. It is very frustrating when people are shoving things in your face trying to get you to, “buy, buy, buy!”.
North Shore (aka:country)

south shore fun

# Lots of waves and it can break all year round. It is the heart beat of the surfing world. It is known as the Mecca of surfing or the 7 mile miracle. This should give you a word picture of the pristine and sacred nature of the fabled north shore.
# Waimea Bay is amazing in the summer time especially over 4th of July weekend when it turns into one big flotilla of varied non-motorized water crafts and tons of beach goers all congregating to one precise location.
# Amazing restaurants to eat from and unassuming gourmet food trucks that can easily go undetected if you aren’t the adventurous type. A lot of the food joints use organic produce and if you discover the right local kine grindz, the locals serve it up like no other. You just gotta know where to go and you will never be disappointed.

every breaking wave breaks different

# Big waves and contests both can generate some really BAD TRAFFIC. Unlike town, country only has a two lane highway. So plan to come out for a day trip. If there is something extracurricular going on out in the country then you are sure to have a great time.
# Too many contests on the north shore, just way to many surf contests! It sucks being a resident when your favorite wave is breaking and you have waited all year to surf it only to have some little kid from gosh knows where, take over the line up and you have to watch perfect waves go unridden because they have no clue on what to do out there.
# Laniakea aka turtle neck traffic can be horrendous. Let’s face it everyone loves turtles… I get it. So why in the world, in the name of alleviating traffic would the government put BLOCKADE’s so no one can park directly in front of one of our most famous surfing/turtle beaches. The traffic is still chaos and the government needs to address asap because it’s not getting any better and it is very unsafe the way people are driving around before and after the bottle-necking.

If you have the fortune of being able to hook up with the crew at OSE, you will most likely have your Hawai’i experience of a life time. They offer with great certainty, the best and safest surfing lessons that you will ever have available to you. SUPing lessons are another option they have on offer… but don’t hesitate for a second to inquire about their unique and exclusive mermaid photo shoots for mothers and daughters and young ladies alike, who wish to transform their daily land-loving life into a mystical memory of fantasy that will last for a life time.

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