Q & A

1. Where do I go for surf lessons on the North Shore?
OSE will designate a meeting place the night before your lesson. Once we meet, we will then proceed to a surfing location that best suits your needs.
2. What should I bring to a surf lesson?
Comfortable Board Trunks that you can tie on tightly, are highly recommended (Yes! Even for you ladies. An alternative for the ladies might be bike shorts.)!!! Bring an ample supply of sunscreen, your swimsuit, a towel, bottled drinking water, and also bring a dry change of clothes so you can get warm after your lesson.

Note: While your having your lesson your car will be parked on public streets. The less valuables you bring with you the better. Some surfing locations in Hawaii are considered more of a High Theft Zone then others.

3. How early should I arrive?
Arrive 10 minutes before meeting time to insure a parking spot, and to sign your waiver. Traffic can be really bad on the North Shore, so allow yourself plenty of time to get to us…(we have a tight schedule and we don’t want to cut into your lesson)!
4. Should I eat breakfast/lunch before I come to my lesson?
eat light ; i.e. fruit, small bowl of oats or cereal, or power bar or granola bar. It is more recommended to drink a lot of water so you maintain hydration through out your session.
5. How good of a swimmer do I have to be?
If you can swim with your head above water you will be all right. Less confident swimmers will be given the option to use a flotation vest.
6. Are there restrooms near by?
Most surfing locations we conduct our lessons at have public restrooms. However, in an attempt to conduct your lesson at spots with the least crowds, we may come accross a break with no bathroom facilities. With that in mind,

It’s good to try and get your #2 out before you show up for your lesson.

7. Are there stores and restaurants in the area?
There are restaurants and stores in the area.
8. What should I do if I wear contacts?
Many surfers wear contacts. We recommend that you either wear a pair of disposables or a pair that you can live without incase you lose one.
9. Am I allowed to photograph my lesson?
As we are firm believers in teaching proper etiquette (passing on kuleana); certain locations we hold our lessons at, maintain a strict ‘ NO CAMERA POLICY! ‘ ! ( No cameras, or no personal cameras of any kind! ). This is not to inconvenience you, but rather, it is to preserve something FRAGILE and to protect something extremely special for the future generations to come. Instagram equals insta-crowds! We do not need another over-crowded Waikiki. Leave only your fading foot prints! Mahalo for your kokua.
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