Best surf instructors

Most definitely not cocky, but with out a second guess, we are most definitely confident in saying; Our team by a landslide are the Best surf instructors the planet has to offer. Why are we the best surf instructors?

Here are just a few reasons why our team at Oahu Surfing Experience consists of the Best surf instructors that money can buy :

#Because we pay close attention to detail. We are with you the entire surf session breaking everything down for you and specifically explaining in detail what you need to do to improve on on every wave. Most importantly, our surf instructors are 100% there for your safety. Surfing is an extreme sport that is very challenging and exhausting. The ocean is a dynamic force of nature and can be very unforgiving. There are a lot of unique and practically invisible things happening and all at the same time. If you have an experienced & knowledgeable surf instructor with you when you are learning to surf, their experience and their ocean awareness will ensure that you remain safe and that you have fun the whole time that you are in the water.

#We have a wide array of surf boards to use and local surf knowledge to specifically cater to you. We have an amazing ability to progress the individual, and this includes where ever your current surfing level may be at. We can help adapt you to deal with any sort of conditions that Mother Nature may throw your way. Having a locally experienced and seasoned surf instructor with you will also ensure that you go out for your lesson at the right time, during the right tides and in a safe area for beginners. We at Oahu Surfing Experience have intimate knowledge about how the North shore breaks. When you sign up with the Best surf instructors at OSE, we will make sure that you surf at the right surfing break for your personal level and with the right conditions for that day.

#Safety is our number 1 priority. I can’t say it enough, but when you book with the Best surf instructors here at OSE, we absolutely stress safety in the surfing line up! Learning to Surf is one of the most fun, challenging, exhilarating and life-changing experiences you will ever encounter. For many of the people who attempt surfing, it becomes an awesome journey that will last a lifetime. But before you start it’s really important to have a basic understanding of all the safety elements that are associated with surfing, especially when you learn here in Hawai’i, which is known as surfing’s birth place. You absolutely have to know how to handle and grow safely in these Hawiian waters. When you book with the Best surf instructors here at OSE, we will outline simple tips and tricks to help keep you safe in the water and make your surfing experience as pleasurable and as safe as possible. Believe me when I say, when it comes to surfing, Ocean Safety is the most important thing. When you have even the slightest grasp of Ocean Safety, it will give you the utmost confidence to continue to grow in the Sport of Kings. Surfing is by no means a couch potato sport — it’s very demanding and takes place in an ever-changing and often unpredictable kind of environment. With the proper knowledge and even the slightest grasp of the basics, your surfing experience can be actually very safe, completely fun fun fun and as well, extremely addicting.

We focus on all the important things that will keep you safe!

  • the line up’s
  • wave positioning
  • body positioning
  • Weather Conditions
  • rip currents
  • Other Surfers in the line up
  • etiquette
  • paddling techniques
  • The ocean life style

and the list goes on

Much like a broken record; safety is our number 1 priority for our students!!!

Basic Details will be given on:

  • Weather
  • The waves (size and shape)
  • Currents
  • Landscape features including: rocks, cliffs, jetties and piers
  • Your board
  • Your swimming ability

#Surfing can take years and years to learn. So here at Oahu Surfing Experience, Our professional surfing knowledge is priceless and so is our wisdom. Being that we specialize in private lessons, it allows for our extremely accomplished surf instructors to do a 1 instructor to 1 surf student ratio which in return, enables you to easily fix and correct your errors. This specialized one to one attention gives our students an exceptional ability to excel in a quick amount of time. As well, it affords our students the ability to enjoy the process while gaining wisdom every session and on every wave.

#This is not only our job but teaching surfing is our passion. We love to pass on the love and we love to pass on the surfing addiction for surfing is such a unique and healthy life style! We are always striving to improve our product and we are always trying to better your Oahu Surfing Experience. We’ve come up with specific formulas that make it easier to understand the complexity of what surfing really is and this technique we use helps you to improve your ability in a rapid pace. We are very professional and don’t goof off trying to catch our own waves. Our instructors do not surf during our sessions together. The lesson is all about you and our focus is 100% on you. This way you remain extremely safe at all times while gaining the maximum amount of surfing knowledge. All of our instructors are CPR and first aid certified and for extra safety, we wear swim fins at all times during the surf session. In closing, We cater 100% to you !!!

We love teaching because it makes us happy that we can install correct surfing techniques, proper safety and surfing etiquette in the line up for all of our students and we can do this for the very beginner, for the intermediate surfers, all the way to the most advanced.

Please remember, we are a small family run business, so booking in advance will be a really good thing to do. We book out quick! Being the consummate professionals we are, we highly recommend you take a surfing lesson with us. I can say with great confidence, taking a surfing lesson anywhere else will only begin your surfing journey learning horribly bad habits. Oahu Surfing Experience with out a doubt, will take your surfing to the next level!”

Remember, you can book with us for a week straight. More than likely (depending on tides and wind), you will be having a surfing session with us in the morning every day of that week and then you can go about the rest of your day doing whatever your vacation may consist of and not to mention, feeling like a BOSS.(Depending on availability, we operate on a first come/ first serve basis.)

Best surf instructors

We at OahuSurfingExperience teach the most quality surfing lessons that surfing has to offer. If your a lady or a little girl and surfing doesn’t necessarily captivate you; we also offer a unique and exclusive mermaid model shoot that will absolutely intrigue the ladies and as well, give them memories that will last a life time. Keep in mind however, we absolutely are surfers at heart. So if we are not running a surf lesson or conducting a mermaid photo shoot,we more then likely will be out in the surf, tapping in to some valuable, “me time”. Because of this very reason, we strongly suggest that you book in advance with us, but it will be absolutely worth your commitment. Book now for your one of a kind opportunity and you will guaranteed walk away with skills and ocean safety knowledge that will last you a life time. Even when the waves are big we know of safe places to go.
808 497 7109 Email for the Best Surf Lessons on Oahu

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