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Learning to surf is one of the greatest things in life you can do. Some even refer to their first surf session as a life-changing event. When booking with OSE, you can look forward to having the ultimate surfing experience with two of the most professional and fun surfing instructors the sport has to offer. Oh yeah, did I mention, you’ll be surfing locations that have some of the finest backdrop sceneries that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.

A tribute to inspirational and legendary cameraman Sonny Miller

I think it’s fare to say, that in the short 54 years that Sonny Miller had graced us with his […]

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Hawaiian Paddle Board Race

Hawaiian Paddle Board Race Written by Tamayo perry Even just one week prior to the event, I hadn’t given it […]

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Surf Lessons Oahu North Shore 808-497-7109

Getting Prepared For Surfing Surfing may look easy and effortless when you see an experienced surfer ride a wave, but there […]

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Oahu Surfing Experience 808-497-7109

Oahu Surfing Experience Experience the best surf lessons on the north shore of Oahu with Tamayo and Emilia Perry, two […]

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Oahu Surf Lesson Review

Oahu Surfing Lesson Success Story I grew up in the interior of Canada, so I wasn’t very familiar with the […]

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